In our modern society, we are filled with hectic lifestyle especially those who are working in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur. Peer pressure, stress at work, relationships, family problems at times can add into a cause of health.
Well, we often work late and constantly end up with quick lunch, which means fast food. It had also become a norm that that’s one of the best options for a satisfying meal. What does this lead to, Overweight that make it as one of a main problem in our country.

“Being overweight can lead to Osteoarthritis because of the excess weight that the knee has to bear. The excess weight caused the cartilage in the knee to rubs against each other as the knee supports body when standing. So what is Osteoarthritis? Osteoarthritis is the mechanical abnormalities involving degradation or breakdown of the joint cartilage, see below for illustration”


If you suffer Osteoarthritis there are several symptoms to be notice and one of the most prominent is pain on knees as you walked up and down the stairs, and other signs would be joint pain, tenderness or stiffness between bones.


“A friend of mine who was overweight suffered tremendously because of his joint pain due to being overweight. A doctor has recommended that he should try to lose weight to avoid further complications to his knee. In order to aide his joint pain, the doctor had also recommended Live-well Ostesamin + Chondroitin.

After taking the Live-well Ostesamin + Chondroitin for 3 months, my overweight friend don’t feel anymore pain in his joints. He can now go shopping for hours without having to stop for a rest and also is more interested in participating in our group activities. I am glad that my friend can now lead a healthier and active lifestyle. If you’ve friends who’re also suffering from joint pains, they can also try the product. However, always consult professional experts before taking any supplements. More information about the product can be sought here:


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