With the air is hot, body heat pilling up and need something to cool lower down body temperature and my friend bring me to this herbal shop which definitely would be my most preferred choice for lunch.

I felt like I am gonna be killed by the price when enter to the shop. Quite a classy area compare to those I went on the road side and a very strong of Chinese herbal smell before you enter the shop which I like it.

A lot of variety soups which gives a good descriptions of each purpose of the soups available.

During lunch time, they do have their special meal promotion and of course would love to try out. I do not know what is good, so my friend help me make the choice.

We order Set A and the set lunch comes with ‘veggie, chicken, soup, rice and Gui Ling Gao’ RM13.80

According to my friend was, the last time she dines there, the portion is much bigger and it had shrink a lot.

‘ABC Soup’ which I find it quite tasty, as steam the soup full in flavor, I drank till to the last drop.

Nothing special about the chicken but its well prepared that its soft and saltiness level just right.

You have to wait for the auntie to get everything to prepare as the service is quite slow. There is only 2 auntie are taking are of the shop that day and the crowd is starting to coming in when we bout to leave. I think if you would want to go for a soup drink, it would be alright. Still like the road side store behind Times Square.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, Okay Lah~

-Stamped—Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Ah Yip Herbal Soup (Seri Kembangan)
The Mines Shopping Fair, (1st Floor) Level 1.61,
Tel: (603) 894 8733


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