Covid-19 definitely will not go away till the day we got vaccine. While waiting for that to happen that might take 2-3 years  for the whole humanity to be vaccinated. While waiting for that, we should take covid prevention ourselves. I was introduce to this product Aviar Pure Sense Electrolyzing Sanitizer. This is called Electrolyzing Sanitizer.

In this box, it comes with Aviar bottle and round base which is part of the technology to Electrolyzing the water. it also comes a mini 1mg scooper for the water, also certified as Food grade quality.

I personally think that it is not covid sanitizer spray machine but certainly believe it comes in handy and light.


What can this thing do? What I have been brief, it can:

  1. Kiils Germs
  2. Eliminates pet odors
  3. Disinfect toys (perfect for preschool/ kindies/ schools)
  4. Sterlizes door handle
  5. Disinfects sanitary ware
  6. Sanitize Shoe Cabinates
  7. Kiils germs on phone
  8. Sanitizes car interior
  9. Disinfect Public areas

With such functions, certainly believe it will help many businesses out there in terms of cost saving during this covid-19 sanitizing era.

I have also got brief that, this is also being used in Japan fish market as they spray on their fresh fish for bacteria prevention


I felt that it is cost savings as it involves water + salts only!

the steps is very simple and direct.

  1. 200ml water = 0.5g salt
  2. 400ml water = 1g salt

Aviar Pure Sense (1)

Do remember to read the instruction on the bottle from top to bottom, for the Do’s and Dont’s! Step1: 400ml to 1 g salt to be added in.

Aviar Pure Sense (2)

Once added in, close the cap and shake well.


Aviar Pure Sense (3)

Put on top of the base till you see a colour of UV kind lighting and bubble starts to form. Wait till it turns green or no light. Means it is ready.

Electrolyzing Sanitizer


Aviar Pure Sense (9)

When it is ready, you can see the whole bottle is filled with small bubbles. That means, you can start to use this to sanitize.

Aviar Pure Sense (5)

Aviar Pure Sense (6)

Aviar Pure Sense (7)

Can be anywhere that human touches.

Aviar Pure Sense (8)

Especially at home with kids or older folks.


when I see the certification, I am quite impress as it mention 99.9% disinfection rate + to Kills Sars & Covid in 20seconds. Proven by University of Birmingham UK.

could this be one of the best covid sanitizer out there? I have no idea, just came across this product as my friend is taking in this for Malaysia market.

kills covid

If any of you are interested to get, it is Retail by my friend at RM 899. Can contact me in this email [email protected]. Some of you running business, could consider this as Covid sanitization service?


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