Dining could not be more pleasant when you can find a comfortable place with great food and ambiance. I would say, Cedar on 15 that open its door few months back after its refurbishment would be a hidden gem around KLCC area with its quality of food and price tag certainly worth to pay a visit.


Upon arriving, you will be greeted with their friendly staff and being usher to your table if you do have a reservation. It is indeed a spacious place with comfortable seating, nice background music and a perfect place for a great date.


Their open concept kitchen with its grill section is certainly inviting.


there are indoor and outdoor seating as I find the bar area is very comfortable too with natural chilling wind. They play live soccer match too.




Its a 2 page menu and most of the item are pretty straight forward. If you are unsure what to choose, chose the one on their recommended list which is with a little umbrella icon as I can assure you wont disappoint. 


After placing order for your food, you will be serve their pippin hot bun that is homemade from their chef. I love their plan bun the most as its just that simple that I like to dip with their olive oil with vinegar.


First recommended dish is Fresh Burrata Cheese @ RM45 – air flown from Italy with roma tomatoes with extra virgin oil, Burrata is a very young mozzarella cheese wrap with balsamic gelee – Served with Basil Olive Oil. Nicely platted, as the flavour is very unique to my liking.



Follow by one of their signature known as Cream of Topinambour @ RM38 – a Jurusalem artichoke soup serve with Truffle Oil. When it was pour right infront of you, the aroma of the soup is just great and looking at the creamy texture is very inviting..


Taste is pretty clear and not that distinctive as was taught to add in their little trick is to add in a few drops of truffle oil to bring up the taste. Indeed there is a clear different with and without.


Do not put too much drop of truffle as its pretty strong and might cover the clear taste of the soup. 



It is hard for me to resist Porcini Mushroom Soup – with creme fraiche and chervil serve with Porcini Oil @ RM 42 It is pretty straight forward with its aromatic fresh mushroom taste and with its little bites, just how I love my soup. I must say the portion is huge too as upon finishing the soup, I am half way done in my stomach. 


Those who love some simple straight forward food, then Fjord Salmon from Norway – 180g – would the be perfect choice as its perfumed with lemon basil oil, creamed spinach and fondant potato serve with Lemon Olive Oil @ RM 58. Cook to perfection that the outer layer is slightly grilled with a little crips and inside is soft and juicy. Eat along with its fresh veggies just bring the light taste and freshness of the fish.


For fish then I must say their signature is their Pumpkin Seed Crusted Black Cod @ RM78 –  mushroom tomato chutney, fennel mousse and sugar snap peas, serve with Organic Hazelnut Oil. Love how the whole dish is presented that look pretty cool with a crispy arch, and a perfectly cook fish on a bed of fresh greens.  


Fish is fresh, and to enhance the flavour, organic hazelnut oil bring the flour on the skin and fish meat with a slight nutty hazelnut end with a few drops is just nice for me.



I Love how my Wagyu Ribeye (marbling 7) – 200 g – serve with rosemary olive oil @ RM 53 per 100g on how it is being presented. It is serve along with a thick block of sea salt rock after grilling with a thin slice of green to prevent it from being salty. Then they waiter will let you know usually after being serve, the meat is left there for 3 minutes to soak the saltiniess of the sea salt into the meat and if you love your meat to be saltier, it is advise maximum 5 minutes. Anything more than 7 minutes will be too salty. 


I played with 3 minutes and 5 minutes and I love my meat in 5 minutes time frame which is just salty enough to my liking and it is cool perfectly medium rare to my liking along with its playful seasalt end taste. Indeed a great steak!


Would it be great for such a meal to end with great dessert. Their current best seller is Chocolate Moltan Cake with fresh raspberry and homemade marzipan ice cream serve with Strawberry Lime Liquor @ RM 35


I am all over the moon when I see how it is presented. It is so pretty and so Australian version dessert that I have recently came across. I was taught to sqeeze the lime liquor in it then squzee another half portion of strawberry lime liquor to enhance the taste.


Upon cutting it, with chooclate oozing out with a combination of the liquour smell is just amazing. I can finish up this portion myself even though I am so full.

Highly recommended to end your meal with.


Those on romantic date then can move yourself to their outdoor bar area to enjoy their great view, or your dinner can be all the way here.


Indeed, its a great satisfying meal for such price tag and quality of it. For a great date and celebration, its a place worth to pay a visit.

Cedar on 15
Level 15, Club Tower,
Impiana KLCC Hotel, 13, 50450
Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Phone:+60 3-2147 1111

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