My Christmas Present for this year would be a brand new phone. Seriously, I do not know what phone to get and never thought of changing one as I still like my old Nokia one of the 6 series that used to be Nokia very first 3G phone that can video call. This would be my longest phone that I have used since end of 2004 till now. The phone is as solid as classic Nokia 3310. No matter how you drop it then you put it back still can use. Drop into water put dry it under sunshine still can use. Not like the high tech phone now days. Once drop can consider nearly gone but thanks to UOB credit card promo for offering such a great package with DIGI telco provider.
Then I place my order and 1 week later here comes my new BB 8900 Curve.

The reason I got this is I would say this would be the cheapest rate in the market at the moment with my package of RM68(BB phone) + RM50 call credit (Digi) + RM58 (BB unlimited Data plan) total RM168 per month for 2 years.


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