Genre: Drama/Fantasy/Mystery/Romance

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. When I read the synopsis, then directly thought of the show that Andy Lau acted years back whereby he wanted to grow mature more faster and took a potion that makes him live in the world for the next 3 days and ages very fast.
Well, this movie had the other effect which is Brad Pitt was born old and aged backwards. From old to young. I must not denied that the movie is very good, with their make up of Brad Pitt being very old, mature and success, teenage time and baby time.
The movie is like a story telling type whereby talk from how he got bored and till he is dead by the lover in Brad Pitt’s diary. Nice romance and touching part and of course not to be missed out is where Brad Pitt in his teenage look. I must say that he sure do look good and ‘Yeng‘ as a guy I was impressed also like the few girls sitting behind me.. liked ‘Aiyooo, OMG!!!he really look so yeng(good)’ I am in loved with him…I was like WTF are they overreacting ah? but not only them, after telling to my friends they were like also the same cut the whole thing short, you must watch this movie.
Cut the whole thing short, you must watch this movie for people who loves drama, even more highly recommended.

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