Last week, we thought of eating something, and then suddenly this idea came out. Go to Daidomon to makan as got promotion going.

In the main entrance, I thought I went into the wrong shop, as inside the main area, it was decorated something like a crystal shop. Have to walked in this big hall area which I assume is their feng shui of the shop.

When we reach, there were not many tables occupied, I would say that it was like only less than 5 tables.

It was during lunch time and was like around 11.45am. Then we were ask which kind of buffet we want. The RM19.90 / RM36.90. We asked what is the difference, which is the cheaper 1 is eat the food on the tray which is all on the main area. We are not allow to eat the BBQ. If RM36.90 is everything, so we went to walk around and see, the BBQ seems more interesting than the 1 on the main area. So took up the package of RM36.90++

The Main Area.

After we were seated down, so I went around to take some pictures of the buffett which will be my second time taking buffet pics. The first one I will post this weekend which is a. . . . ermm…will comment on the end of the blog post.
This were the sushi area, which is only this 4 choice.. cool huh~
After this shot, there were one of the staff asked me why am I taking picture of their food, asked me am I a reporter or from any media. Told him no, I am a food blogger. Then I gave him my site and told him that I would post by this week. Keep watch.

After looking on what the serve on this main hall area, I have no mood to take anymore and concluded to take it simple.

Cold appetizer. After I walked a few rounds and do not know what to take and eat, I just took a few of the food which most of them doesn’t looks good.

I took the Japanese fried rice, just a small mouth, and it was as expected. No taste. The others I have no comment on it as also bout the same. I was like quite disappointed already.

I always thought that, normally a restaurant like this would have not bad ‘Mixed Tempura’ , but it was a disaster, the prawn is not fresh and the amount of flour that they added in, makes if feels like the prawn is covered with Condom. No crispy, very soft. Even though we take it very fresh that was just put in by the chef.

With such a simple thing in Japanese buffet that they had make it such a bad impression, I already start to move in BBQ area.
Besides this, you get to order the food on the menu. Which is also not many choices.

‘Sashimi Moriawase’ which is a mixture of raw sashimi. I find it is not really fresh. . which didn’t crave more for it.
So start off with, oyster but this plate was given only one plate as in the package of RM36.90, you will be given ONLY ONE PLATE of ‘Oyster’ and ‘Scallop’. Nothing more than that.

This is ‘Kaki Butter’ (Oyster) which are put into the BBQ area and filled with a gravy of butter and don know what, that I would say the gravy taste nice, but the oyster is GELI…not fresh. Luckily it was BBQ along with the sauce. If take it raw, I would just put it aside.

‘Tori Momo’ (Boneless chicken) could not taste the gravy that was season, and it doesn’t look like it had been season, that is just like adding the gravy on top and after BBQ it, not much taste.

The beef, I didn’t took but seeing my friend eating so happily, and asked them, they said so so loh.

‘Lamp Nakaochi’ which doesn’t look like lamb at all, and we were arguing it pork spare parts, but it was seriously lamb, cut into small pieces which I believe easy to cook, again not much taste.


‘Mixed Seafood’. Never liked the above.


‘Dachou’ is ostrich meat, which is quite chewy which I had much better one compare to this.

‘Yukke Sashi’ beef with egg yolk I would say, also which they said not bad lah~
The drinks section.

‘Fruits Area’

The funny thing is the ice cream area, which is hide behind the bar area. Then I was like asking my friends, why they wanna put there ah?scared ppl curi ah. Aiiii . . Buffet style like I don know..

‘Peach and Mango’

With the price that I am paying, I didn’t expect that much but the quality is haih!~ totally no comment. Besides this, the service is a pain in the ass. I put up my hand quite long, even some of the staff pretend not to see and walk away. Clearing the dish on the table also like took them walk from Pavilion to Jalan Ampang.

Overall, it was bad experience in this restaurant both on their services and food quality. In this short time surely I wont revisit.

For the management, if you are reading this, 2 feed back, please improve your food quality and services.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 2.5/10, Bad~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Charcoal Barbeque Japanese Restaurant
Lot 4, Level 3, Great Eastern Mall
No. 303, Jalan Ampang
50450 Kuala Lumpur


Tel: 03-42528155


Fax: 03-42528166



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