I was so excited about getting to this new place that is Asia and getting to know everything about the culture, the people and most importantly, the food. Therefore, as soon as I arrived to this big city called Kuala Lumpur, I immediately dove into the local food stalls, hoping to discover exciting new meals every day. My expectations were met and surpassed, and after one week of eating out every day at the most local places I could find, I got food poisoning and heartburn, one of the worst kinds.. It turned out, these places were not for me after all, and my excitement was toned down permanently. But lucky enough, I found a place which is both healthy and Asian, filled with the most organic and delicious meals ever, and I wish everyone to go there!


Woods – the name says it all – is a bio-organic restaurant which serves Japanese inspired Asian dishes, with organic ingredients, serving health benefits at the same time. You can order ‘Liver food’, ‘Brain food’ or other dishes to strengthen your nervous system, your blood circulation, etc. It has much to do with the macrobiotic diet, so if you’re familiar with this healthier lifestyle, you will enjoy this place very much. One of the meals I enjoy most is the Bento set. Woods serves full meal sets in Japanese Bento sets, of which they have a large variety. The Bento sets include everything, from salad and soup, to the daily protein intake you need, featuring Japanese recipes. And if you are a tofu fan, this is your place, too. Their dishes featuring tofu look and sound delicious, and I haven’t even gotten to taste all of them yet.

However, my favorite dish has to be the Carrot Otaku Lentil Burger, which according to the menu, was voted the best burger in the world. Here is a picture giving you only a hint of how tasty it is:

Burger 4

My other favorite dishes include Curry Soy Noodles and Steamed Cabbage with Turmeric. I love these dishes as they have a strong flavor of the spice they contain, but not overpowering the quality ingredients the meal features. The Curry Soy Noodles is more like a soup, but surprisingly very filling and filled with soy. The Steamed Cabbage has a very fresh taste and it resembles ginger as well.

Curry 1


Kale 1

The location is perfect if you’re looking to get away from the chaotic traffic and noise of the city. Big wooden tables in a spacious room with comfortable seats, in a quiet ambient. The experience doesn’t end when you leave the restaurant, as it has a shop attached to it. This shop provides organic groceries, seeds and toiletries that you can choose from and consume in the comfort of your own home. Service is good and the staff is friendly. I am a regular, and I will continue going there in the future for as long as I’m in KL. For a little extra detail, take an aphorism as you walk out the restaurant, and it might make your day brighter!

Woods’ address is the following:

Wisma Bukit Bintang 28
Jalan Bukit Bintang
Kuala Lumpur
+60 3-2143 1636

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