Genre: Horror/ Thriller

Invited Elaine to tag along, for the movie, yet forgot to take pics with Mandy n Coco..ish! But thanks for helping me to collect the tickets~

I guess this movie had kick off to be one of the most anticipated series, yet it was a heart pumping and you can just grip your fist and with your face facing to the side avoiding to see all those organ bursting effect. The actors are just so so compare to the last 3 series.

Still would say, Part 1 is still the best. . A great show but what I feel the movie is too short, start off well, then while Elaine was eating she pause every moment and look soh soh and yewww.. while munching roti when the lung bursting happens. Then the killing like jus picking up and ends just like ha…like that ar… its worth a watch but again..its just 1h 20mins movie.

I was so hoping that this movie is in 3-D effect that you can just see the lungs and all the effects.. mana tau..tarak!~
Encourage to watch during Movie day~ safe some money!

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 7/10, Heart Pumping~
— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —


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