This is my very first food review and got very excited and could not believe it myself also when I got a sms from BigBoysOven that they are extending an invites to me but I have rejected them couple of times due to wrong timing. This is the first time I am meeting Bigboysoven and other food bloggers and as for this time, not going to miss it and have to thanks to them for inviting.

Here was I which I reach on time and the name given to me is different from the details given. Then I start to think, what would be a pan mee food review like? Try out all the pan mee? Don care lah..just eat.

The shop is well decorated and it was located nearby the junction with an eye catching outlook of their decoration and sign board..

As usual, I am a pearl bubble tea lover, when it comes to this menu; I always hunt for that first. Just don know why.

‘Yam Pearl Milk Tea’ RM3.90, ‘Honey Dew Pearl Milk Tea’ RM3.90

One of the drink that I would recommend is certainly the ‘Honey Lemon Wheat Black Tea’ RM3.20. Filled with tea aroma yet a bit sour and sweet, a perfect thirst quench, ‘Honey Lemon’ RM2.90,is not bad and the ‘Mango Ice Blended’ RM3.90 is rather sweet yet not pure, but with the price stated on it, its okay la.

The ‘Lat Chiew Yau’ is abit spicy yet filled with dry shrimps and a bit salty which makes it perfect to eat along with dry pan mee. The other four is just on your own preference.

As we were chit chatting and getting to know the rest of the bloggers more, there comes the food and filled with all the selection of pan mee.

So far I have known that human do get rape by human but during this period, I just got to feel that the food just got rape. As the foods just arrive, most of our camera already pointed at it and start shooting till every 1 is satisfied. That’s what I thought.

The very first selection that start off with is Snacks selection and to go off with ‘Soup Dumpling (Traditional) 5pcs’ RM4.20. Nothing much to comment on as I prefer more on the fried wanton.

What I find it interesting is this is the first time I came across ‘Fried Pan Mee (Salt)’ RM2.50 which is quite unique and surely a dish that you would not want to miss. Crispy from inside out and dip with the thai sauce is a perfect combination. I just didn’t thought that fried pan mee would be good. With the price tag on it, sure give it a go.

On the other side, my fav ‘Fried Wantan (Meat) 8pcs’ turns out to be so so only, as it gives me the feeling like eating more of the skin crackers rather than the wanton ingredient inside but with just RM3.20 nothing to complain about.

But certainly, this I would recommend to eat it hot, crispy on the skin, filling on the inside yet dip with the thai sauce, just goes along on it well. I do not mind having another plate of it. ‘Fried Dumpling (Traditional) 5pcs’ RM4.20, Next I find this ‘Fried Fu Zuk with Curry RM2.00. Another interesting dish, as never try out before. It would be better if they use curry and spices mixture rather than the powder as it has a bit strong of powdery taste.

After the small makan makan, so its time to try out their main selection of pan mee. Try out on the ‘Dried Chili Pan Mee (Fried Fish Cake)’ (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60 which I thought of something rather new to me and the taste turns out to be good as the fried fish cake is deep fried and rather crispy, the sauce given and added in ‘Lau Chiew Yau’ just add extra kick in it.

A classic dish in ‘Dried Chili Pan Mee (Anchovies)’ (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60, on my understanding which anchovies is always a must in pan mee but in dry version this you would not want to miss out.

‘Braised Pan Mee (dry)’ (R) RM5.50 (L) RM6.20. The sauce is rather unique yet with the pork cook till the right moment is not a bad choice.

With a good taste on the dry version and this comes onto the soup version. ‘Fish Cake Pan Mee (soup)’ (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. The soup base is sweet and the fried fish cake been soak a while till a bit soft which I find it rather nice. Something like yau char guai in porridge.

Next is the very original taste of pan mee which is ‘Mum’s Pan Mee (soup)’ (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. Among so many tried out, I still find that the classic 1 suits me better. The taste is mild with the clear soup filled with anchovies is just the right choice.

Did not try out this as it involves beef. ‘Spring Onion Pan Mee (soup)’ (R) RM4.90 (L) RM5.60. What I heard from other bloggers that, it is not bad lah~

Next in my selection of list, it always includes curry also, that I seldom miss. Wanna taste where this have to nicest curry noodle yet ‘Curry Chicken Pan Mee (soup)’ (R) RM5.50 (L) RM6.20 did not disappoint me with the soup base is cook ngam ngam which is not to spicy yet too milky.

After the food feast, we were just too full and lazy to walk. So most of us just sit down and talk and talk. From here I get to know from left: Wilson (Placesandfood), Sunny (BigBoysOven), me, Mei (iamthewitch) and Sidney (BigBoysOven).

It was very nice to meet all of them, friendly people.

For all the customer that dine in from 15th August till 30th September are entitled a free drink by printing out this voucher. Offer is only valid at Jalan Ipoh Branch. Click here for the voucher.
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 6.5/10, Not bad lah~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


(Jalan Ipoh Branch)
Fancy Mee Corner Restaurant
505, Jalan Tiong, Batu 3,
ff Jalan Ipoh, 51100 KL.

(Wangsa Maju Branch)
Fancy Mee Corner Restaurant
15, Jalan 1/27B,
Desa Setapak,53300,
Kuala Lumpur


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  1. just came back from having dim sum at Kao Lee restaurant in Ipoh Garden, one of the item, the Sui Gao was off in taste and we told the waiter gently. he told boss man who said it was fine but all 6 of us thought the meat was off. i was angry and told him loudly in front of other customers that this is not right and if the customer complains food is off, least they can do is not charge for it or replace with another item, after all we spent nearly RM 100 amongst us. at the end of the day, money is not the issue but was mightily disappointed with the boss man’s attitude so they have lost a good customer long term and I wanted to let all future customers be warned if you go to Kao Lee, suffer bad food and bad attitude!!! with this type of service, I doubt they will be in business much longer.

  2. i have read your article, the food corner is one of the most favorite restaurant of desi food lovers, which is not only offering the best quality food but also taking care of hygiene too. A part from desi food, you can get verity of cakes, deserts and much more. We visit there and enjoyed lots of new dishes.

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