Egypt is one of the magical wonders of the world.
Not only that the Pyramid is unique but the people that I get to know for the past weeks they are very very friendly. Although the time I spend with them is not much but the thing I get to learn during the dinner was a bit shocking to me.
As what gurls usually say that they wanted to look for loyal guys. Surely can try Egypt. Why?
What I get to know was, one of the guy mention that how he communicate with his wife everyday when he got back home, he expect to see his wife at home when he is back that he will have a homey feeling. At least a warm welcome back home (something like Japanese), then he will at least spend an hour talking with his wife to understand any thing that she would like to share with him. Then after that only will have dinner. If he did not talk to his wife on that day for at least an hour, the next day he would take half day off just to talk to her(quite surprising when I heard this).
Amazingly, now he is in Malaysia, he also did the same thing, every day when he is back to hotel, he would talk to his wife for at least an hour through skype and most important to have web cam so that he can see his wife. When he go to sleep, he would leave his computer on and also the web cam and to leave it beside him with the web cam showing him sleeping to his wife every night till the next morning. He said that at least he felt the presence of the wife beside him. He mention that he cant sleep alone, just by that he can sleep at ease.
Second thing I came across quite shocking one also this:
As a guest that went over to their house for dinner, of course they will prepare the dinner. Not only that, they will prepare new clothings (some kind of home clothes) for the guest, so when they come over, they need to change into that clothing is to because let the guest feel that they are at home. After they had change into then will sit down on the dining table and the meal will be serve. The host wont dine together with them as the guest will occupied the main table. The host will then serve each of them accordingly making sure all of them are well served. While the guest are eating, the host will stand behind them and watch them eat including his children. Making sure that they are enjoying the food that they had prepared. (feel like waiter in a fine dining restaurant).
After finish the meal, they will shake hand, means that they had finish the meal and the guest are able to leave and the clothes that they are wearing were bought by the host will be taken by the guest as a gift. Then only all the guest had left the host will only start eating with the family.


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