Every time I went to 1-U I always park in this area whereby the escalator that I took will always come out from this restaurant. It have been a couple of times I view on their menu and did ask my friend that what they think about this restaurant and their feed back is so so with the price abit pricey.

So, do not know what to eat while waiting for movie premier few weeks back so decided to try out since they have such a nice environment.

While walking in to their main restaurant entrance, makes you feels like you are walking on a garden that filled with greenery deco on the walls by the side.

A big piano sitting in the middle is an eye catching.

They also do sell some of the stuff in the restaurant like pots and fake flowers in the middle and the piano area.

Fake flowers that are for sale.

What I feel is, the best place to sit is in the middle area, its like outdoor garden feel, as in between they deco with 2 big tree trunks and leaves and grasses hanging around.

Offering Asian to western selections.

‘Soda Rose’ which caught my attention in the menu, it taste like rose petals in your drinks and the soda gas really pull up the kick of it. I would sure recommend to try. RM11.90 which I think a bit pricey.

‘Cappuccino’ looks good with the smoothing froth that they had made just that the coffee bean that they use..hrmm.. okay loh. RM7.90

With me, that day I had a weird combination which I started off with ‘Homemade Wild Mushroom Soup’ which mention in the menu 4 types of mushroom took it to blend which turns out to be, lack of flavor, mushroom chunks is not there and it’s a bit watery not creamy or thick. A bit out. RM9.90

Followed by my friend she took ‘Potato Salad’ that she said want to go on diet then I was like huh…flavor of it, so so which I my own recipe of potato salad taste much better. RM3.50

I start off with mushroom soup should go on with Italian or Western Choice but I ended up in Thai with ‘Pineapple Fried Rice’ which the illustration in menu, looks tempting. It is tasteless, no flavor of pineapple detected, not salty, very very very plain that I have to add it some salt and soy sauce which taste a bit better and ended up I didn’t finish the dish also. RM 12.90 = BANNED

Closing of the day comes with ‘Black Forest Cake’ which I think the best of all dish that we have ordered. Moist in the inside, not too sweet yet filled with blueberry flavor which doesn’t make the cake soggy, with the chocolate flakes on the side just add the extra kick in it. RM 8.90 which I think the price is slightly expensive but worth the try.

If you are looking for a place to sit and talk, I do not mind.

Wouldn’t really go back for second round as with the price that I am paying of RM60.50 which including 10% service tax and NO gov tax I can find better food in 1-U and the service there, you would find a problem in communicating as most of the worker are Bangladeshi.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, So so only~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Garden Lifestyle Store and Cafe
LG-308C Lower Ground Floor
One Utama Shopping Center.


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