For the very next day, me and my friends went to try out their Hard Rock Café food. Seems like it was fully book and I manage to get my booking done 4 days in advance. For being a popular spot in the area at the moment, we believe that the food should be good.

In the main entrace of the cafe, the ‘King of Pop’ which had been a historic icon welcomes you to the place.

Manage to capture a shot here without a crowd. It was quite weird.

Right on the main entrance, the cafe as usual will be a merchandise shop directly in front making sure that you won’t be going back empty handed especially the tourist.

From a few cafe’s that I have been so far, this is not the best with their interior deco but still maintain some of the classic signature they have which is fill their wall with some rock star artist outfit.
Being the new concept or the latest edition in the cafe, they have included in the lights that constantly changing colour.

In the whole cafe, what I felt that, this is the best place to sit and to take pictures also or to me the most cozy area.

Being not a big cafe, this is their upper deck which only afew dining tables and most of it is bar area for those people to enjoy their live band.

Being the signature on their classic history, their menu had decorated with some history and food and drinks but what I feel that, the selection of their menu is very limited. Not many variety and the price of each food is ‘amazing’.

Being in that area, of course a glass of beer should not be miss.

Being the first dish of the meal a ‘Soup of the Day’ will always be in my list. I cannot remember what was the soup called, by we enjoy every sip if it. RM10 was the price that we thought it was reasonable.
Did read up a few blogger that had post up ‘Jumbo Combo’ is one of their recomendation, which is like most of the TGI, Chilis they do have for their starters. RM48 for a dish like that is pricey.

‘Santa Fe Spring Rolls’, ‘Hickory-Smoked Chicken Wings’, Onion Rings, Potato Skin and Tupelo Chicken Tenders. Was given 4 each of everything. Even though the taste is there with their fantastic side sauce given, but it just could not satisfy all of us for a start. Sharing with among 5 people, we are just tasting the food.

the dipping sauce.

‘Nachos’ which is a plain one, Nothing special to comment on.

The restaurant was very packed and the food came around was efficient or we were just too busy chatting around and didnt really care about how fast the food is out.

Nice dressing that caught your attention ‘Honey Citrus Salad’ is not much different from any other salad that you can get it from any other place. RM32 was their price on it for a SALAD?
Although the ‘California Chicken Club Sandwich’ taste very nice with is fresh garden salad that dress on, it was fresh and good but what I felt that O’Brian is even much better. RM30
‘Twisted Mac & Cheeze’ is surely very cheezy and filling. A cheeze lover should not miss this. Cook with a bit heavy red pepper taste, I love their garlic bread given which perfect in toasting and with the mild garlic taste in it its just tempting. RM32

‘Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Chicken’ was one of the recommended dish by some blogger which I felt that they did recommend the right choice. Very nice bbq sauce that paint on it and perfectly grilled with the bbq sauce soak into the meat and soft yet juicy, RM28 would be the right choice.

‘Hickory Smoked Bar-B-Que Combo – Duo Combo’ with added just another piece of ribs which is very savoury in taste and juicy and tender by paying RM52, you just judge for yourself.

Looking for something mild in taste ‘G Hawaiian Chicken’ would be a right order. Juicy yet tender chicken with nice sauce paint upon. Is just not bad. RM32

Being a desert lover, a meal would not be perfect if without this. I could not remember the name of it cause this desert was treated by Kent. Thanks alot! If I am not mistaken this should be the ‘Apple Crumble’ Never really like how it was done. It was warm and soft in the inside yet the layer of apple and the dressing doesnt goes along. Not Recommended.
A plain normal ice cream with some normal dressing that any of other ice cream shop would have done better, you should not go for this. Nothing Special.

For any of the chocolate fan out there, this desert would be the most poisoness. Once eat, you will never stop. Covers on the layer of chocolate and fudge with an ice cream scoop on top, its so hard to resist the temptation. Rich in chocolate and thick layer of soft base crust just ends your meal perfectly. Highly recommended~

After your meal if you sit long enough, the in house live performing band starts sharp at 10.30pm. We enjoy this live band alot and would consider one of the best in Penang although I have not been to many live band area. They do sing some of the latest hit in the hit chart yet a classic song. The band had a great mixture of voice and we love the guy on the far left. He surely do have a great voice.

Even my friend said that, if you close your eyes and listen to the voice of singing then when you open your eyes and realise that its the guy that sing it, you will be so surprise which I totally agree to the statement.

Of course going to this place must not miss my buddies.
To celebrate a birthday there would be a memorable with photo taken by one of their staff and instant printing with a cover like that would make your night a great night. Celebration of your B’day party will be given 1 out of the 3 deserts that I have tried. Hopefully you guys out there will be given the chocolate fudge. We celebrated Yeong Yong b’day much early this year.

Being enjoy myself the whole night out with your best group of friends, is a night to remember.

I must say that the staff there are being very helpfull and excellent in their service and also to thank Shah for arranging everything even though my booking had some problem he manage to arrange it for me. Thanks to your whole crew. Youy gus rocks!~ Appreciate it~

The food, I still think that its very pricey and the quality of the food is so so only which Chilis or TGI is even better. You are just buying their environment. Yet the drinks charges will be different once the live band had started. The beer that I had during the Live band was RM18 a glass. My dad went 2 days ago with live band and got charge around RM30 per glass. That would be very expensive. To dine there, it would be just once. Would not return for their food unless special occasion.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 6/10, so so only, ~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Hard Rock Hotel Penang
Batu Ferringhi Beach,
11100 Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 8811711
Fax: +60 4 8812155


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  1. hi, nice review u have here. i thought the food was halal but do they serve pork in the cafe's menu? I tot I saw it in the menu. i kinda tot chili's was better too:-)

  2. hi myfoodilicious,

    thanks for dropping by~

    if i m not mistaken they do not have pork in the menu as could say its pork free restaurant as its pretty simlir to TGI Fridays or Chilis..

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