One of the hottest hotel had open in Penang. Which attracted alot people from few states to visit this place and especially during this festive season, you can just imagine how is the traffic in this area and all the way up. Being the latest addition in the tourist area and what I have got to know the hotel was fully booked till end of the month with its promotional rate.

The previous hotel is Casuarina and they had taken over and refurbish it and now known as Hard Rock Hotel, Penang.

Being well lit at night, its a nice place to take photo’s.

One of the main entrance area writte on the wall.

The main entrance welcomes you with multi changing colour logo.

A warm welcome you to the reception.

One of the pool side area.

The other pool side.

In the hotel, they also showcase most of the classic and famous artist that had previously rock the world.

The very famous group. Guess who is this group?

Ah Kheng was in the toilet and he keep shouting, booookkkk…cannot take like dat one good. I told him, its good to have you as a background.

This reminds me of Futurama. The head statue that can talk but this is for display.

If you are ready to rock everyone’s world, so this is the place for you to get ready. ‘Rock Shop’ is located to the buidling next to it selling all the Hard Rock Souvenir and merchandise.

– [ This is how we rock the world! ] –
Getting ready to enter one of the place that everyone been waiting for…
– Hard Rock Cafe –
tbc. . . . . .


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