One of a new dining experience that combine two of the best into one. Attended Hennessy dining experience at Saint Pierre in W Hotel Kuala Lumpur complementing the limited edition menu of The Seven Worlds of Hennessy X.O. The two prestigious brands worked closely to introduce the special dinner menu inspired by “The Seven Worlds”; a short film directed by legendary director, Ridley Scott.

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Chef Lroy Lim of Saint Pierre Kuala Lumpur presented an array of seven-course meal that represents each of Hennessy X.O’s tasting notes. Each corse are design by the chef by indulging into multisensorial odyssey of Hennessy X.O.

Menu Description Hennessy XO-The Seven Worlds menu is available only at dinner.

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Starting off with Canapes and it is all pretty good. Pairs well with its original Hennesy flavour or some pair wells with the cocktail too.

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First Starter|first element: WOOD CRUNCHES: BURI-buri,ohba, myoga Japanese amberjack is marinated in soy sauce, sake and mirin, then smoked. Served raw on aring of dashi-ponzu gel with chopped ohba and myoga Japanese ginger. A bold taste of the soy sauce with hin of sourish ponzu blends well with Hennesy to carry out a the wood element.

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Second Starter|SWEET NOTES: FOIE GRAS-foie gras, apple, old port The Saint Pierre classic of pan-seared goose liver is served with caramelised granny smith apples adds texture and balance with its sweet notes and slight acidity. Foie Gras cook to perfection with skin crips on the outler layer and soft inside. A big piece of this are meant to enjoy slowly. Souce is slightly sweet with apple tastse. Goes well with the Hennessy.

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Third Starter|FLOWING FLAME: LOBSTER–lobster, turnip, lime. A lobster in its shell is glazed with butter and grilled overcharcoal. A trio of turnip surrounds the succulent shellfish a consomme of roasted turnip tea, a turnip puree and a tower of cooked turnip glazed in butter. A nice dish to hit on as third dish. Fresh seafood taste, slightly grill taste on the lobster along with roasted turnip tea is a wonderful pairing. Hennesy just lift the freshness of the flavour up and love the hint of the oaky end.

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Fourth Starter|INFINITE ECHO:BLACK TRUFFLE–black truffle, celeriac, earl grey tea.This vegetarian version of the classic scallop-truffle millefeuille swops the shellfish for subtly nutty celeriac. The vegetable is first salt-baked, then sliced into discs and layered with black truffle, before being wrapped in filo pastry. It is garnished with a celeriac puree infused with Earl Grey tea, as wellas a vegan jus with port wine and chopped truffle.

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MainCourse|RISING HEAT:DUCK-duck,endive,sansho Irish duck is aged for a week to intensify its flavour, and sous vide before it is pan seared to crisp the skin. A mixed spice of coriander seed, cumin, black pepper and Szechuan peppercorn is sprinkled over it for a wonderfully aromatic result, and it is served with Belgianendives glazed with duck jus heightened by sansho pepper oil. A dish that look simple yet lots of prep behind. A well cook meat that indeed goes along well with Hennessy XO yet blends well with the taste that is not overpowering.

Pre-Dessert| SPICY EDGE: SPICED WINE-spiced wine, orange. This refreshing sorbet is inspired by the festive spiced wine with its scents of cinnamon, clove and orange peel, but made with white wine instead of red. Served on a base of diced orange.

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Dessert| CHOCOLATE LULL: CHOCOLATE-hazelnut, milk chocolate, double cream. A chocolate shell, shaped like an open log, is filled with milk chocolate, milk gel, praline mousseand hazelnut crumble.With extra milky double cream ice cream on the side, it is the perfect finalefor Hennessy XO’s smooth, sweet, chocolatey richnes

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The Hennessy X.O – The Seven Worlds dinner menu is available from now until 1st December 2019 at RM538++ per person with Hennessy X.O at RM58++ per glass or RM950++ per bottle (700ml).

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