While touring my Indonesian friend for jalan jalan cari makan at Petaling Street, then suddenly stumble upon this cafe that do rings a bell to me. Jao Tim is one of the latest cafe that a few of my friend had visited that gave good comments in their social media. Jao Tim in Cantonese means hotel.

Jao Tim (2)

They are located at level 1 and the entrance into their cafe do give you a luxury 70’s New York vibe. Upon opening the door, you are greeted with nice cold breeze after a stroll in our hot weather, and wooden stair case that leads you up to the Concierge.

Jao Tim (3)

Jao Tim (4)

Jao Tim (5)

Concierge is actually the ordering counter and in this Jao Tim Cafe

Jao Tim (6)

Jao Tim (7)

Jao Tim (8)

Simple menu is available from coffee, to drinks, special craft beer all the way from Penang, and some sandwiches.

Jao Tim (9)


Jao Tim (10)

Jao Tim (12)

Love their classic touch for this place, that remains industrial luxury look. Many coffee hopers here are admiring their furniture and the golden classic switch.

Jao Tim (13)

Jao Tim (14)

They are an event space too.

Jao Tim (15)

We are just here for the coffee. My usual is the latte @ RM 11. This is slightly mild bitter and also gives you a mild frutti floral end.

Jao Tim (16)

It is hard for you to miss them if you are at the opposite section and if you do walk the same stretch, just look for the golden door.

Not a bad place to hang out for coffee especially their air con is powerful!

Jao Tim Cafe
(Above Hai O 海鷗)
No. 61, Jalan Sultan,
Kuala Lumpur.
(Same row with Leaf & Co at Mingle, a street away from Petaling Street)
Opening Hours: 11AM – 9PM (closed Tuesday)


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  1. KYSpeaks,
    It is interesting flavor profile as well, it consist of 4 different brew with unique name with ring to it,
    It’s being tend at Black Market Cafe – 125, JALAN TIMAH, 10300 George Town, Penang
    You will be surprised with the taste profile once again.

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