I can never imagine that my childhood friend, Jimmy will be the first 1 to get married. He is against all odds that he would be the first as in the lining up there is Jiun and Aun but seriously, never to be expect and cannot imagine that we are actually attending his wedding already. Well, needless to say, he is a grown up man now. By asking he and his wife(Carmen) to take weird pic, so this is the pic that they manage ‘pan’ for me.

Still abit noob in taking pictures, when I saw this pic, how I just wish could take it better.

This 4 would be Carmen Chi mui’s (from left – Josephine, Carmen, Ms.Xxx and Wan Ling) which I totally forgot all their names at the moment. Kekeke…. They will be the 1 as the gate keeper to kacau all of us on the following day. . . Would rate them, sexy, innocent and extremely dangerous.

This would be all our heng tai as most of us are childhood friends. Me and a few of them get to know each other from 4 years old, primary school till now. What to do, all of us sama channel that keeps our friendsip so strong which is all ‘Sot Plug’ ge.

The next day, start of our journey to the brides’ place early in the morning as it is located at Kulim, PG.

In the process of have to go through stage one of hell, then Tatt, our door negotiator trying to negotiate a deal out but seems that his plan failed miserably. Till that some of them mention, don wan open door then no need married. Lai..every 1 go back. . . Then Jimmy standing there stunned. As there is still no outcome on the negotiation terms, so here the challenge number 1 goes:

Kaypo’ing on what’s going on. Even their hands keep come out from the door to make sure that we do it in order.

Our first task of the day, when we saw it, we were like shit!! Early morning eat liu lian? Siau si boh!!!! But what to do, so we send our most geng opening durian.. Ah Aun… jus within seconds, open liau…!~

Every 1 seems like going away from this king of fruit, its because we had heavy breakfast before heading here and now have to walap durians and its 6 big biji durians. No Kidding!

Eat till we cannot eat liau, we have to ask Jimmy to eat also. Boh Pian ah!!!

Then stage 2 is put a small little banana on the knee, then pumping 10 times and then makan. So we send our bangle(his nickname during high school) Fee Lyp to complete this task. Do it easily. No problemmmm!~

Stage 3 is eating Wasabi bread. No problem also, we got Ah Jiun to cover. He eat wasabi like nobody’s business.

Luckily is not very thick. The one that me and my friends played before is far far worst. Segelompok of wasabi and only one grain of rice on top. That 1 eat already, fly sky!! And tears instantly flowing out.

No problem also, we got Ah Jiun to cover. He eat wasabi like nobody’s business.
The last task which is have to finish 6 bottles of 2L coke. I didn’t have this pic, as it is take by Edwin. No problem also, drink it all, by the end of this, all of us feels like want to vomit already. The combo that they gave doesn’t taste nice and with the gas pumping in our stomac, it start to stir already.
I feel very lucky or have to really thanks to the chi mui’s they really never prank us hard. I have been and kena b4 very teruk 1 but with this, consider okay la~

After finish the task, they still do not want to open the door, ah Gu give them ang pau also do not want to take till Jimmy have to bribe them. Ok ok lah..once in a life time. Mai an neh. Seems that working but……

Josephine is like…WAT?? Not enough lei.. y the ang pau so thin. I want thicker. If not cannot enter. Then ah gu give another 1. Still unsatisfied till we kena very last task.

They just throw the key on the floor ask us to figure ourselves how to grab the key and open it~

1st trail. Ah Gu’s hand seems short and fat. The lubang cant really fits him but trying hard!

Nearly reach but still untouchable to the keys. Then Jiun said…aiya, this 1 very sap sap onli 1..ppl like me so thin, no problem.. See lah!~

With his slim slim punya hand and stretch till to the maximum, as ah Gu accidentally push it behind a bit on the first trail…

manage to retrieve it at last!

I just don know why I like this pic!~

After become monkey for the whole morning, so back to Jimmy’s place and visit his production site!

and of course, a great couples start a new life, as usual we are hoping the next 1. Of course this kena prank by the rest of us the bestmans’ and the bridemaids’ pictures~

Its a new Chapter of life for you. Wish you happiness and stay young from all of us!~
~ HKS ~


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