I have nearly forgotten about this post. It was a back track posting which was quite sometime ago. Went to this newly open place which we think on that day, it was the official opening of the shop. As I went to the toilet, there were photographers taking pictures of the food. While we were seating outside and kaypo’ing abit.

The interior is like normal kopitiam deco but one thing to praise on them is the fast connection wifi.

The offering in the menu is much similar like Papa Rich or Old Town with a few items they have and others don have.

I would honestly said that, the ‘Honey Lemon’ is one of the most lousy drink that I ever come across. The honey that they are using, just taste very weird. It was not sweet but the taste ermmm..just do not know how to describe which the lemon doesn’t mix very well with the lemon.

When they served this drink and judge by its colour, we know that this ‘Ais Bandung’ is far gone. With the coloring effect and the first sip, is as expected, using don know what kind of brand rose syrup and milk also.. Consider in the category banned drink in my list.

My friend ordered ‘Mee Goreng’ which taste not bad, filled with wok hei and taste good but disappointedly, they do not have QC which I ordered 2nd plate it doesn’t taste the same.

‘Nasi Lemak’ which I would say, any stall on the road side taste much better than this. Chicken is over fried, the rice doesn’t have any much coconut fragrance which is quite disappointed.
The boss did come over constantly and ask how is the drink at first b4 we were ordering our food, did tell him about the drink which is not sweet and he did replace the drink for us but the point is, he still use back the same syrup so I guess not much different. My friends did order other food which I didn’t manage to capture the pic, but it was disappointing as well, as most of us did not finish it.
To the boss, even though that day was your opening ceremony of your shop but I have to say your food and drinks is far below average. Should improve on your food and drink quality.
Sorry about no pricing, cuz I lost the receipt.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 2/10, BAD~-Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kafe Restrees Kopitiam
No.12, Jalan PJS 8/10
Dataran Mentari.
Bandar Sunway, Selangor

Tel:03-56301996 (Mr. Yap)


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