I think recently I have been addicted to this area. Been here quite often for lunch or dinner. Thought that it was alot of things to eat and nearby the area, so it would be pretty convinient for me. Then just park my car and walk around and out of choice of what to eat, then we went into this shop that serve western food and the interior seems like pretty nice.

Khave Shop

Khave (2)

Khave (3)

Gives you the feeling of very classic english style with a lil bit of homey feel. Like this lamp.

Khave (5)

Khave Menu

Khave Oreo Milk Shake

‘Oreo Milkshake’ catch my attention that something interesting. I thought it would taste something like Oreo Mcflurry. Mana tau tarak. A bit thick in milk flavour yet mild ice cream were added in. If they add on 1 or 2 more pieces of oreo to blend it in. It would taste perfect. RM6.30

Khave Mushroom soup

A proper western food that I will always go with a bowl of ‘Cream of Mushroom’. Definately would not recommend it in here cuz taste like Campell Soup, name also proven for you. Nothing special and I cook better than that. RM3.80

Khave Fish

‘Pan Fried Fish Fillet with Cheeze’ taste okay la..I would say. The fillet is soft and cant really taste the chili powder that pour upon. RM9.80


‘Khave Chicken Chop’ as I believe this would be one of their signature item that charge RM10.80. Quite cripsy on the outside and inside is quite perfect for a chicken chop but there is just something missing which I did thought that the gravy still lack of something to make it taste good. Don know what but I think any of the normal chicken chop out there would taste better.

If anyone of you do know a nice place of kopitiam version to eat western food, do let me know. Thanks~ looking forward for it.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, so so la~ -Stamped- Recommended!

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kahve Cafe
No.29, Ground Floor,
Jalan Kuchai Maju 8, Dynasty 3,
Kuchai Entreprenuers Park,
58200, KL

Tel: 03-7983 6143


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