I have been to Tropicana mall once to dine for the Vietnamese food and for the first time I was there and walked around I did notice on this cute small shop that was packed with customer on that day. Neither did I know that got invited for dinner in this shop and thanks to Wilson for the invites.

When we arrived, we was greeted by this young boss Edan Tang which is very friendly in his way. Talking about how he establishes and how his business been going on(only to those who are there early that day). Then we started to equip our camera and start raping the shop continuously one after another with the camera.

It was the design that actually caught my attention previously which I thought a Japanese street food concept on the mall is pretty interesting.

The unique thing in this shop that it was using an automatic griller to grilled all the stick stick food without you being there kena pangang nearby the hot stove.

The interior is pretty street wise on my thoughts.

I don know what it write in mandarin and assume it is something great for the shop.

Quite interesting range of food they have there combining street food style and restaurant style = i don know..:D

This are the food display after the grilling session. Look deliciously good.

All the stick stick and grilled session the menu for would be:
Chicken BreastMentaiko, Wasabi flavour or Aroma spicerecommended
Chicken Thigh with CapsicumThai flavour or Aroma spice
Chicken Thigh with Leek & SesameTeriyaki flavour or Aroma spice
Chicken Wings with SesameTeriyaki flavour or Aroma spice
Crispy ChickenOriginal flavour or Aroma spice
All the above priced at RM2 per stick
Chicken Ball – RM2.50 per stick

Mackerel Fish
Crispy Fish
Shisamo Fish

All the above priced at RM2.50 per stick

Baby Octopus with SesameRM3 per stick
ScallopRM3 per stick – Recommended
UnagiRM5 per stick

Beef with PineappleRM2.50 per stick
Beef BallRM2.50 per stick


Black Mushroom, Ladies Finger, Sweet Corn or TofuRM1.80 per stick
Green Soy BeanRM4

Side Orders
Cold Noodle (Zaru Soba)RM3.90
Soup of the dayRM3
Seasoned Baby Octopus (Cold)RM6.90
The meal I cabut half way cuz I hurried to The Curve for a movie premier that day. So the remaining are the deserts that salivate by the rest. You can click here to further see what are their offering of deserts.

This section is not related to the food offering from Kushi Q. These cakes were brought by BigBoysOven from their friend Patisserie Rui Artisanal.
I love their ‘Cheese Cake’..amazingly good.
and I would die for thisTiramisu which I still don have time to visit on their shop yet. Surely will drop by this month.

okok…now lets get back to Kushi Q, I would say that, its a great shop to visit and the price that they are offering is quite reasonable with the portion. It is as good as what it looks like. Above what expected. Surely I would go back to hunt again as I did not makan habis on their range.
-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 8/10, GOOD, ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Kushi Q Sdn. Bhd.
LG 20, Lower Ground,
Tropicana City Mall.
Tel: +603 7728 3613
Fax: +603 7883 0935
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.kushiq.com/
* Halal

Or contact Mr. Eden Tang at +6016 966 8668 (The boss)

You could also drop by Kushi Q at:
City Square Johor Bahru
Lot J2-12, Level 2
No 106 -108 Jalan Wong Ah Fook
80000 Johor Bahru
Tel: +6012 707 1223


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