Been walking around and doing some shopping for my friend B’day pressie and when it comes to lunch, and do not know what to eat, then I said chin chai lah..what also can. So ended up at this shop which quite some time I didnt dine already and they said there is one that I must try.

It was Sunday, and its packed with ppl no matter which restaurant you are in. Siau 1!~ but we didnt wait that long and were seated afew minutes later.

Just love the new menu as I remember, it doesnt look like this from the my last dining. The menu in it still the same.
Special of the day…

Still early when we went in, if not mistaken was like near 12.

I was told by my friend tat the mayo is nice but I would say not my taste.

This is the ordered which is ‘Seafood Platter for 1’, comes with prawns, fish, squids, rice and chips. The only thing is fresh in there is the prawns. The squid taste weird and the fish had a strong fishy taste but of course I enjoyed eating the rice, as its filled with butter garlic aroma. Charge at RM27.90
This is ‘Seafood Platter for 2’ RM 46.90 which is not much different cuz shared by the 4 of us. So ended up every 1 is so full cuz all of us very hungry and just don care. Even not nice just walap finish la. If not wasted. The service was quite a pain in the ass as we did request alot of refills on our drinks but it took them quite slow~

I still have my great experience in KLCC branch.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 4/10, below average~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
The Manhattan Fish Market
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall,(old wing, center area nearby ice skating ring)
Bandar Sunway.
Tel:03-7491 3683


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