I think it would be quite bored of posting all the food from KL, let me share some of Penang food that I went back during my holiday break. So it was lunch time and I had nothing much to do, my dad called up and ask for lunch and we were to meet here. Mizi Bistro.

One of a restaurant quite famous in the area with its great chef and reasonable pricing. Both of us took up the Set Meal RM21.50 which is quite worth it.

Start off my meal with ‘French Onion Soup’ with the nice looking melted cheese floating on top. The look was never disappointing but on that day, the soup was too salty, then the cheese is a bit tasteless. Could not taste any onion at all even though there are onions floating around, quite disappointed.

‘Black Pepper Chicken Chop’ looks very tempting, with the sauce flowing from the top to bottom, its like nice to see, nice to smell, once eaten,……..(fill in the blank)…not as good as it look. The black pepper sauce not strong enough, yet the chicken was fried no good, quite soggy on the crust. RM13.90 my dad’s order.

My order was ‘Chicken Picatta‘. The portion was quite reasonable and the chicken that was cook okay la. Not much comment on this, nothing special.

Overall, I think it was quite rather disappointed, it used to be very good on my last dining, then this round wasnt that good or maybe the chef not in the mood. For this round, this are my rating.

After lunch, my next destination that I have miss so many times when I was back in Penang previously, either didnt open or too many people. My fav Mee Sotong at Esplanade.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 4/10, This round quite cha…~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

New World Park,
Jalan Burma 10050 Penang.

Tel: 04-227 2921


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