I am now digging back some of my old travelling post and will be start sharing them out in my blog. Back when my study period when I was in Melbourne, I regretted so much that I did not even pay a visit to their famous Yarra Valley wine produce until 3 years ago, I traveled back to Sydney for my best friend wedding and decided to explore Tasmania along.

During this trip, I insisted to visit one of a vineyard and I was introduce by my friend to visit Moorilla as it is know as one of the newest winery built on Tasmania’s oldest vineyard. The vineyard sits on a peninsula that juts into the Derwent River, 12 kilometres north of the city of Hobart. Mt. Wellington rises above an amphitheater of surrounding hills. Surrounded by their extreme cold weather, that makes the vineyard to produce cool-climate wines.

Moorilla (1)

When I reach, I was like as excited as small kid got their Christmas present. It was those moment that I am keen to look for those green leaves along the plantation with colourful green/red grapes. Oh well, I was in the wrong season as I went during winter where it has all been harvest. Under Moorilla they produce a few wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Pinot noir, Riesling, Sauvignon blanc, Cabernet Merlot, Syrah.

Moorilla (2)

Its just a lovely evening and we have no plans. Just decided to chill and move around and enjoy every moment in this property.

Moorilla (3)

Little did I know that, its pretty huge and in this property, they do have amazingly cool theater that tells all about the vineyard history and also if you are an art person, they house infamous and thought-provoking Museum of Old and New Art (MONA), which makes them Australia’s largest private art collection.

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Moorilla (5)

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The most important is got myself to register on the wine tour. The next tour are an hour away and we chill at the Source which is the little cafe.

Moorilla (7)

Pack with locals that are here for their gateaway.

Moorilla (8)

Moorilla (9)

Moorilla (10)

I have always love any cafe in Australia as its just simple, cozy, contemporary and nice.

Moorilla (11)

Variety of beers and wines is available.

Moorilla (12)

Moorilla (13)

Moorilla (14)

Certainly its a great place meeting up with friends over a glass of wine.

Moorilla (15)

I was trainned in Melbourne to enjoy Pumpkin soup and whenever around the country, its a must order for me. Its pretty different texture as its with chunky pumpkin cubes and also slightly thick in taste.

Moorilla (16)

Moorilla (17)

Sitting outside would be a perfect spot for me, in this super cold weather, great view and a great wine on my hand.

Moorilla (18)

Its a great experience to visit such a modern wine producers as inside the tour we were restricted in taking pictures and have to thank this lady for great explanation and guide.

Moorilla (19)

Last stop which is the best of all, wine tasting. Get to taste their top 5 range.

Moorilla (20)

They have the most unique and modern kind of packaging as compare any other bottle wines that I come across. Slightly artistic.

Moorilla (21)

Wines that we tried were the produce of it during 2012. Love their white wine range and of course their 2006 Pinot Noir.

Moorilla (22)

Moorilla (23)

Moorilla (24)

Moorilla (25)

Moorilla (26)

Moorilla (27)

If you love the wine, you can buy it direct from them.

Moorilla (28)

Before going back, I am ticking it off my visit to a vineyard.

Moorilla (29)

Looking for a chill out weekend, you can make inquiry on their overnight stay in the high-tech and luxurious MONA Pavilions, which are named after Australian architects and artists. Do not have to worry on food, as they have an array of dining choices on site, from the French-inspired cuisine of The Source Restaurant, shared plates in the Moorilla Wine Bar and more casual MONA café.

655 Main Road, Berriedale   7011
Time to visit : In summer and autumn, when the days are long and warm.
Opening times :9.30am – 5pm, Wednesday to Friday
Website : mona.net.au/mona/winery
Phone : +61 3 6277 9960
Bookings/enquiries: [email protected]


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