Last week, when I was walking around KLCC and decided to check on the Converse shop to see if there is any nice pair of shoe as I have been looking for quite some time already. When I was at Hong Kong could not find any pair that I liked.

So as my old Converse already very koyak already(by the side, back, front – even open flower) so got no choice have to really really get 1 in a very short time. Been wearing it like since 2005.

As I was looking around in the shop and I was browsing around starting from the top shelves. Then I directly spotted this pair. The color is more outstanding than the rest and I like it a lot. It was love at first sight..keke. Then requested to try it on. Turns out, that I like it a lot, directly bought it. It cost RM159
After wearing it for a week, only realize that I purchase the wrong size. The pair that I tried was size 11 and the 1 that I bought is size 12. So no choice have to wear it. Like it a lot.


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