As the previous day that me and Karen walking pass this shop around 2.30pm the auntie selling the kuih at the stall was nearly empty. So decided to ta pau before we coming back. Again, has limited choices again.

We asked the auntie why, she said that she have good business. That’s why, usually she start selling at 11am and half of it would be gone in an hour time. She usually close her shop around 2.30pm. Wahl au..damm good biz lei..

The choices that left on that day.

I think that I do not know how to enjoy nyonya kuih as the rest were saying it is good.

The price is quite cheap. The taste, I think that depends on own individual. For me, I do not really know how to enjoy the kuih but a few types I like. price from RM0.30 -RM4. Should try out the ‘Nyonya Bak Chang’. I the taste is good and unique to me.

-=Ka ching=-
Food Rating 7/10, Not bad Arh~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Jonker Street
in a small ally next to Kopi O Aik Cheong
nearby the main entrance of china town


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