This restaurant has always been in my list to try it out. Pass by couple of times in that area and always wanted to tried as there are quite a good number of reviews, the same feelings goes to another branch at Sunway Pyramid. I just don know, sometimes I just crave for some nice Indonesian food.
[Update: Close down since 2015]


Till few weeks ago, I manage to kidnap a few of my friends to dine here. Just like the ambiance that they are offering. Indoor is very classic as they have the seating’s like Jap style by the wall area, which I didn’t manage to take it.

Like their interior deco, very Balinese Feel and with the background classic indo or Balinese music they are playing softly. Is just a nice place to sit down to have a nice dinner and for a soft chat.

So we decided to sit outside as there are some smokers yet we feel that its alright. Definately indoor feels more cosy.

Just by looking at the menu our saliva is accumulating in our mouth and by seeing the portion being served out just cant stand the temptation.

I am a ‘Barley’ drink lover and we ordered a jug since there are quite a number of us but its just like Beer, a jug can be shared with 3-4 person. The Barley is thick in flavor and the lime putting in it just adds the extra kick on the taste. I am enjoying my every sip of it and the rest was like wah…hoh lim hoh limm…. Ended up we ordered 4 jugs of it. Its surely a that you do not want to miss to start off with. RM18

Usually will start off with a soup. Like what I have tried in Indo, ‘Sop Buntut’ is one of the dish that you would not want to miss. The soup has rich flavor of the spices and its like a clear soup yet tasty. The buntut is abit chewy and soft which is meant to be. My friend just walap in within seconds. Charge at RM14

Next appetizer which is ‘Cumi Cumi'(squid) RM14. It look so good that b4 the waiter put on the dish down, all of us were staring at it like hungry wolves and once put down, it just gone in seconds. Its like now you see, now you don’t. The squid is fresh where it is chewy and the outer layer has been fried to perfection by eating along on the mayonnaise given is just want you to have more. Even wanted to order 2nd plate. The potato cubes also gone in seconds. Just cant believe it. Recommended~

To start our meal with, here it comes with ‘Nasi Kambing Bumbu’ just love the taste of the lamb. A bit spicy yet Juicy and tender. For me I like it cuz there is a bit mild taste of lamb taste and for ppl who do not like lamb can go for it also. RM26 we add ‘Nasi Kuning’ RM2 Recommended~

Next is the ‘Ole Ole Trio’ which is one of the specialties or signature item in the restaurant. Consist of Ole-Ole BBQ Wings, Sate Lilit and Cumi-Cumi Goreng. Cumi cumi need not further comment is one of the best, ‘Satay Lilit’ which I think its very unique in taste that filled with lemongrass taste as it is wrap on the stick and feels like eating otak otak. The ‘Chicken Wings’ I find it rather normal but eat with the sambal given it taste better. This big portion cost RM38

I got a bit confuse but I believe this is ‘Nasi Campur Chicken’ which is a combination of prawns, crackers, fish and squid. By the price of RM33 I find it rather reasonable with the portion serving but among all the item we ordered this taste is the least nice. Cannot denied that the prawns were fresh and grilled to the stage of temptation and its juicy in taste by dipping in the sambal gives extra flavor. The squid just taste so so. We added on ‘Nasi Uduk’ RM2 to be shared.

Another one to recommend is ‘Seafood Platter’ which served with prawns. We tried on without squeezing the lime and we prefer the meal with lime squeeze. Puts on extra flavor and just enjoying my food to eat along with sambal. RM32

‘Nasi Ayam Bertutu’ is one of a classic Balinese roasted chicken that add on with lemongrass taste on it. Well roasted and the taste of the lemongrass just soak into the chicken. Eat it along with the rice and Kangkung serve along just makes it a perfect dish hantam. Comes with some cracker also.RM25

End of the meal, all of us were too full till cannot walk add on with the tamak’ness of the barley drink, and complain y eat so much till so teruk and we were just very satisfied of the whole dinner.

The portion is quite huge. Please order 1st and add on later. We order one each so its overloaded.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 10/10, Verli Verli Good~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Ole Ole Bali
J-0G-15 & J-0G-16
SOHO KL,Solaris Mont Kiara,
Kuala Lumpur



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