Another latest trend that had hit the market is this long pulled cheese and still staying strong is this Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken, which just open their next latest outlet at Solaris, Mont Kiara. This new theme restaurant definitely have their own trick under their sleeves as the interior of the outlet is certainly playful.

Omaya (1)

Theme under construction, as the outlet do have the interior like a construction work side, including their staff also dress as one of a mechanic engineer.

Omaya (2)

Omaya (3)

Omaya (4)

Omaya (5)

Omaya (6)

Omaya (7)

Omaya (10)

Start off with our usual alcohol drink with Watermelon Soju with bits and pieces.

Omaya (11)

First order that caught our surprise is Omaya’s Korean BBQ Skewer @ RM138 when all the worker keep looking up there and I am curious what are they looking at till this happen. A long skewer of meat being hand in the middle of the eatery that caught everyone’s attention. It is like like a Korean super star just walk in. Filled with premium pork shoulder, pork belly and seafood between RM19 and RM29.

Clever gimmick`

Omaya (12)

Omaya (13)

A server will be standby on a scale of 2-3 table per pax to control their cooking and prepare food for hungry diners like us, to prevent own handling of ourselves and also overcook.

Omaya (16)

Omaya (17)

Serving along with the soft egg at the side.

Omaya (14)

Omaya (15)

Next is their signature Shimson Stew @ RM84. This is the pulled cheese that you seen in most of the social media. Serve with two side bed of cheesy mozzarella and parmesan cheese, along with spicy chicken meat, sausages and other ingredients. soup are being added into the middle for the soupy version.

Omaya (18)

Omaya (19)

Omaya (20)

this is how far the cheese can be pulled as saw another girl posted in social media, she pulled till standing on the chair.

Omaya (21)

After you have done with the soupy dishes and stew, they are preparing fried rice with cheese next.

Omaya (22)

Omaya (23)

Omaya (24)

Omaya (25)

Their portion is indeed big and it is best to go in a group of 3 and above. With 2 pax, it might be quite filling. Deep-Fried Squid Cheesy Toppokki Stew @ RM45

Squied is fried nicely as it is not overcook. If squid is not your choice, then you can change to other toppings like pork ribs, boneless chicken and chicken wings.

Omaya (26)

Omaya Mont Kiara

K-G-13, Solaris Mont Kiara
No. 2, Jalan Solaris
Tel: 03-6206 5067
Business hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm


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