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When the rabbit climb up the tree, what he saw was me, the tempting cute looking cake monster standing there staring at him with to big eyes hypnotizing him and saying…..’Chiak pa boi'(eat already ah? in hokkien) lai laaaa….. laaiiii laaaa… ‘wa chin hoh chiak eh'(I taste very good eh). Don want to eat is your lost.

The rabbit then jump so high that he never jump before from the tree towards me and kidnap me back home and share with his friends.

Happy salivating ever after.
– – – the End – – –

My make over by Lyssa.k:

Presenting myself as ‘The Green Tea Velvet Cupcake’ that I charge RM9 for a bite and my sexy partner…

A simple design never thought this ‘Strawberry Short Cake’ would taste so good. Soft sponge cake filled with fresh strawberries covered with mild top layer of icing, makes it a perfect desert after meal. RM9

This is me…standing naked’ly potraying for photoshot..yerrr..I’m shy de ma..kena force! but don mind la..since got hair covered. Then my owner see me so pai seh there and decided to do a make over of me.

Plastic surgery . . . .

I was given a make over on my eyes with rapsberry, then a very cute strawberry nose . .

I was given a make over on my eyes with rapsberry, a very cute strawberry nose.. then my owner still thinking..something still missing leii…then

covered me with wonderfull luscious cream lip stick.

heh…I tell you…don pray prayy! I know smoke after meal is satisfying but let me tell you, by eating me after meal is more satisfying then after climax.

Actually, let me tell you where I was from, I am 1 day old now and was born in this shop, Rui located some where dalam dalam in KL called Mt.Kiara. I like to stare at guys and girls.

After I was born and given simple dressing, then I got lost why I got displayed in this cold fridge with other weird looking cakes that only a few of them looks similiar like me. The rest are like so giant on level below. Then only got to know that, we have to look as good and confident to be bought away. This is where my owner bought me away. At last…..

For them, they don share the privillage as me..they were left on the outside kena blow by cold wind.

and another of the ‘fei hai'(fat ass) ‘Rapsberry and Strawberry cake’ if I remember his name correctly was bought too. RM19

Then we were packaged in this box and taken away.

For the taste, I will give satisfaction to those who know how to enjoy and bring me home along. I am very cheap to be bought away. My owner Lyssa.K is the kind one and I also got to know that another factory also produce great cakes and my owner’s friend was introduce by this guy. Bigboysoven – they got great selection of cakes too, lastest addition on their range, Durian Cake.

This 2 cakes shop are in my hit list. With their quality, and pricing its much better compare to Secret Recepi or cakes shops out there…

psssst: the lady which I believe is the mom did introduce me alot of types of cakes and also got to know that this branch Mt.Kiara is more like ordering purpose. If would like to try out their cakes I was advice to try out on their PJ branch.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 10/10, Satisfaction is there~ -Stamped- Recommended!

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


Patisserie Rui
Address refer to cute rapsberry, strawberry shortcake dress. (2 pictures above)


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