Mid Valley is one of the central location that everyone would go. I have recently just discover that, this place is actually hidden in one of the Food Court in the mall. Little did I know that, the price is cheap yet the food is nice is located in this food court that I only walk through once till my friend actually bring me to this place.

One of the stalls that actually with a grill stove like that and the amount of people waiting and queing is just a quite long.

You can choose from a stand alone dish or combination of some seafood.

‘Lala Grill’ .Grill in perfectly hot yet the chili gravy that cook on it is spicy yet nice. Eat it till sweat start accumulating.

If you are looking for some seafood ‘Prawns with Ikan Pari’ is a good combination that with the price tag slap on it would not even complain much. The seafood is actually quite fresh soft fish and solid prawn meat.

‘Ikan pari with Lala’
Overall, the food is quite satisfying with price range from RM6.90-RM15 you can get a nice meal but if you are very hungry I would not encourage you to order. You need about 15-30 minutes of waiting time depending on the crowd. If you go during lunch time, it will be a pain in the ass of waiting time.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 7/10, Not Bad, ~ -Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
Food Court, Mid Valley, KL
Lvl 1 nearby Mdm Kwan Area, Old wing Center Court.


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