It is not easy to find nice Nyonya Kuih maker in KL. I was introduce to this home made nyonya kuih by @Kuih.Co that had only recently starting off their business during this CMCO period. They made their kuih in the morning and quality of freshness is there. I order 2 batch of kuih, one for my bro in law family and one for my parents. The gift pack turns out to be pretty good! They are made fresh in the morning.

you can watsapp them to place order and get menu from them too. +60 17-685 7898

Kuihco (1)

*Baba Platter:*
comes in 30pcs (you can pick the selection yourself base in watsapp)  – RM 62 included rattan basket and ribbon

*Nyonya Gift box*
4 type of kuihs – RM 23

Kuihco (2)

nicely pack with cling wrap.

Kuihco (3)

Upon opening up the cling wrap, immediately it is burst with the fragrance of kuih.

Kuihco (4)


Kuihco (5)

Kuih dadar is good. The brown sugar coconut is not too sweet yet fragrant to my liking. Skin not too thick as how I like it.

Kuihco (6)

Kuih Talam is equally good too.

Kuihco (7)

Ohhh i must say, I am a big fan of onde onde and this is reallllllly goood! A bit that will burst into your mouth with its gula melaka. do not even think of cutting into half, it had to be one ball 1 mouth! If they can reduce slightly on the sweetness then perfecto!

Kuihco (8)

Kuih lapis is like the wobbly “boink boink” version.

Kuihco (9)

Kuih Kochi is spot on. Love the stickiness of it yet the pandan fragrant of the kuih is quite prominent.

Kuihco (10)

Kuihco (11)

One of my favourite classic , Rempah udang : not many can it right. this is just nice.

Kuihco (12)

my dad’s favourite. Ang Ku kuih. Whenever he buy nyonya kuih, this is a must have. Just slightly thicker to my liking.

Overall, it is a great platter to have and with such nice display and quality of kuih at this price, I am appreciating this. One of a nyonya kuih delivery to your door step in KL or PJ.


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