2 days ago, Sidney sms me telling me that, weoiiiii.. you appear in the newspaper loh~ then I was like har..what newspaper.. lol, then it turn up to be in the makan makan outing in SS2 that the lady was Sidney’s friend from Red Tomato interview us regarding on the 1 Malaysia on our point of view. It a new chinese local newspaper and the best thing is FREE. Check out on their Website.
I do not know what my columm say,cuz do now know how to read chinese ah,… but just happens to be there . . Happy 52nd Merdeka.

SloppyChic – from left n down – 1st columm middle person.
Me-last columm 1st person. 🙂

Racheal – from left n down – 1st columm middle person.
Mei – 2nd columm – 1st person
Wilson – 3rd columm – 1st person
Sidney – 3rd columm – last person
Overall, thanks to Sidney for the dinner and appearance in this paper.


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