One thing I am glad off that my friends know that I love to eat and they would recommend their favourite place. This round James introduce me to this little coffee shop Restaurant New Sun Ho, corner lot located in OUG which is famous for Loh Mee. I have been here a few times that I usually forgot to take my camera out, and this round was a bit unlucky.

sun ho

This Restaurant Sun Ho is easily spot and located with its fading buidling colour and suddenly a stricking green shade extention infront of the restaurant.

sun ho (2)

The Loh Mee stall is located exactly in the middle of the coffee shop.

sun ho (3)

It was operate by both this husband and wife that during lunch time, they are seriously busy. There are a few types of noodle you can choose from but their signature is ‘Fat Noodle’ but the good business for the day that their signature noodle sold out, so I opted ‘Yee Mee’ and some of them order ‘Fried Noodle’

sun ho (4)

Under this condition, do expect alot of heat and sweat flowing out from your body if you do meet such a hot day.

sun ho (5)

For those who love coffee, James highly recommend their ‘Signature Kopi’, which is thick in coffee flavour enought to paint a layer on my tongue and I am loving it which is not too sweet, and if I two glass of this sure caffine high, Worth Recommending. RM2.50

sun ho (6)

If you are not coffee lover, you can opt their ‘3 Flavour Tea’ that I feels a mixture of herbal tea and normal tea add on with milk. This is the first time I am trying it out but turns out to be good! RM2

sun ho (7)

This is my bowl of ‘Yee Loh Mee’ (Yee Mee Noodle on the Loh Mee Gravy). The soup texture is thick and starchy enough, top with a half boil egg on top for half cook and I mix it all around till the egg texture is all ruin in the soup base. Then we were given a vinegar to add on the taste as I love mine to add on with vinegar. Taste a bit like shark fin soup then. Still prefer with their signature Fat Noodle.

sun ho (8)

This one would be ‘Loh Mee with Fried Bee Hoon’ as the noodle were fried criply that the hot soup base is pour onto it turns out to taste better than the one with Yee Mee.

Therefore my verdict is still 1) Fat Noodle 2) Fried Bee Hoon 3) Yee Mee – for the range of Loh Mee which is pretty good recommendation from James and now looking forward to dine over here for Hainanese Breakfast which is half boil egg, toast and coffee and other stalls which operate for morning sessions.

sun ho (9)

Then I see quite a number of people in the coffee shop order Prawn Noodle and the lady that serve pass me the smell definitely smells good and the color of it looks tempting too. Taste wise, turns out to be not bad but I find it a bit more salty, too strong taste of prawn shell and chili is not spicy enough. RM5

sun ho (10)

‘Pork Noodle’ is soemthing worth to order that charge at RM5 and with the generous amount of mince meat and pork sausage slices turns out to be not bad.

sun ho (11)

Then Kean order ‘Char Siew and Roast Pork Rice’ nothing to shout about.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 7/10, not bad lah~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Restoran New Sun Ho, (opposite OUG market)
Jalan Hujan Rahmat,
Overseas Union Garden,
58200 Kuala Lumpur.

Operating hours: Morning (not sure bout exact time) – 2pm
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  1. i dunno y, the 1st time i ate loh mee at here, i jz dnt like it. :S or maybe i havent found a good one at here? hehe urs look yummy! 😉 n i love 3 flavor tea! 😀

    • Yong Sheng Reply

      but the loh mee here is exceptional!! truly life-changing.. please please please give it a try !!!

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