This would be the first time that I come across the most expensive hair cut for me ever. Cost me RM60. Previously during my study time in Melbourne my hairstylist is from Jap. Like his style which is he can cut real short and layered very thin yet during short hair got its style, long that time also got its style.

Then did just happen to pass mid valley couple of times and saw this Japanese name Hair stylist shop located Opposite Kim Garry Restaurant. Did thought of going to try out and really hope that it is really a Japanese hair stylist in there.

When I went in there, there are no body in the shop and got greeted by the taukeh, which is Chinese and ask me, what kind of hairstylist do I prefer. For Junior is RM40(in my heart wah lau eh) Senior Hairstylist is RM60 and for him to cut which is Director (RM90-100) if not mistaken. So thought of try out Senior since they are more trained and more experience in cutting hair.

As I always my cutting style is always give to the hair stylist to decide on what suits me the best or what is the trend of hair style for guys at the moment. So, I told him that my new style is on your hand.

So he started cutting and I find it that, what he is cutting is similar to my old flow hair style then I ask him again, what is the style you are cutting for me. He said follow the flow, then I was like (cipet…know how to cut hair 1 or not) …then I told him want smart only..

Cut cut cut finish..turns out to be like dat…

Short not short…long not long, its so bloody hard to gel on my hair now.Move to the right also look weird, Gel up also not even.

Trying to gel up. Hopeless.

Sometimes I feel that to try on new saloon randomly I do take my chances but I just never know that this is the worst haircut ever that I ever took and the worst thing is with the title Senior Hairstylist should be better mana tau…..DAMM SAT PAI and with the charges of RM60 cut quality which I can find for RM20… The charges and this kind of hair style makes me wanna blog and tell bout it! So ended up this is my most expensive Hair Cut Ever.

Lastly, found out that, this shop was actually happen to be owned by a Japanese but now already establish well in KL so he went to another Asian country to expand the salon.

The lady that wash my hair is very friendly and told me that should try out the junior instead. Will do that after 3 months later. Will find back my old hair stylist to chap chap back and find them end of the year maybe.


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