I have not been to Bandar Puteri for quite a while and in this area it is indeed food heaven. If you head to another the side opposite Giant, that area now is pretty well known for steamboat or Puchong Steamboat zone. You will find variety of steamboat available here. One of the latest addition which is unique by its own is Ruk Mookata which is a Thai infusion steamboat. Ruk means love and translate to love Thai BBQ. Best of all this outlet is a buffet version and offering at RM 43.80nett for Eat all you can.

The main catch is – they are using classic charcoal steamboat bbq pit.

Ruk Mookata (3)


Ruk Mookata (4)

Guest will be given a glass of their Signature Thai Green Tea and I find it is pretty good. Milky enough and fragrant of green tea is mild is what exactly I tasted when I was in Bangkok.

Ruk Mookata (5)

Find it quite interesting for such a place that the seating space is quite spacious and they do have indoor and outdoor seating area.


Ruk Mookata (7)

Ruk Mookata (6)

Find that their offering is quite large too for such a price tag as ranging from drinks, to some solid food ready for you if you are too hungry which allow you to build some foundation in your stomach.

Ruk Mookata (8)

Ruk Mookata (9)

They have huge variety of frozen balls which I love it.

Ruk Mookata (10)

with fresh offerings like vegetable and others too.

Ruk Mookata (11)

Even I am surprise on the offering that they offer 2 types of prawns, 2 types of scallops and vareity of shell items which I think is worth it.

Ruk Mookata (12)

Ruk Mookata (13)

Ruk Mookata (14)

At the condiments counter, do ask for advise from the staff on the mixing as they do have their house special mix for meat bbq dip.

Ruk Mookata (15)

Ruk Mookata (16)

Also find it interesting as believe this would be the first Buffet place that offer Thai instant noodle as part of their offerings which is direct import from Thailand.

Ruk Mookata (17)

There are 2 soup base for this Thai BBQ Pit. One is their Original Clear soup base and also Tomyum Soup base. Clear soup base is indeed a great base to choose where it is not too salty, clear enough to add on with all the seafood that create strong solid taste after cooking a few rounds of the ingredients.

Tom yum soup base started of nice where it is sour enough to our liking as there are only a hint of spiciness. Ways to work on spicy is you can add in chili at the condiment counter. As the more you cook, the soup base will get sourish end. Was advise by the manager that we can add in clear soup as one of the option.

Ruk Mookata (18)

Ruk Mookata (2)

This is what we pick up for 4 of us.

Ruk Mookata (19)

These slice meat is not available at the forzen counter where you have to place order through a mini paper that is available at your table. Variety of meat seasoning is available from pork, lamb, chicken and beef. Bak Kua is da bomb as we add in another plate with additional RM 8.90 per plate. Worth it as it pairs well with our Chang Beer.

Ruk Mookata (20)

Ruk Mookata (22)

for classic meat, the manager teach us by dipping it through raw egg and bbq it on the top as it gives you the smoothness of texture. There are some customer liking it and there are not. For me I prefer it classic with their special dipping sauce, dip into it and bbq it on the top. Gives you a nice sourish taste and nicer aroma.

Ruk Mookata (21)


Ruk Mookata (23)

Soft drinks are additonal order and also it is from Thai along with their Ice cream too. Best choice is to hit their Lime Flavour.

Ruk Mookata (24)


Ruk Mookata (25)

This is the  mini docket that is place on your table for meat slices ordering and there are additional order. There are some ingredients which is addtional charges which we find it quite reasonable.

This place is only 2 weeks old and believe they have a few improvement to build up as we did speak to the manager where currently they are gathering feedback. For RM 43.80nett and kids RM 20nett , children below (100cm-140cm) eat for free. I find it quite a good bargain.



Ruk Mookata
48, Jalan Puteri 2/2, Bandar Puteri,
47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia

Operating Hours:
Daily : 5pm – 12am

Tel: 03-8066 8882

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  1. Wow, not bad for 50RM for this is too much and it’s really worth it. The photos make me hungry and just wish I can go to a buffet right now but this one is really legit. So next month, I’ll embark myself on a Southeast Asia backpacking trip and I’ll be in Malaysia staying mostly in Kuala Lumpur. I’ll check this out when I get there.

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