I do not know what struck me. It just seems that, I was quite lazy that day. Even when I was walking, I was like dragging myself to walk. So the pics that I took a bit blur as my hand quite shaky.

So again, I was in charge of taking care of the client, so have to bring them go makan again…. They mention they wanted to take steak, did thought of a restaurant in Jln Ampang a steakhouse but they also mention they want to do some shopping, so ended up in KLCC and San Francisco Steak House came into my mind.

The environment is not bad.

pics are abit blurr..I chin chai took only.

This dining area, is a great place as it overlook towards KLCC fountain area.

One of the cosy area to sit on.

‘Ice Lemon Tea’ which I think a lot of places can do far more better than that, and maybe I was used to Chilis or TGI that I am paying RM8 I would get to enjoy free flow of it but disappointingly NO and the taste of it, I still prefer the 1 they serve at TGI or Chilis. A bit tasteless.

‘Fresh Mango’ as the name mention is truly no fresh mango detected, which it taste like you buy in Cold Storage or Carrefour box juice. Surely is not pure or fresh. RM9.50

In the menu, the illustration is so nice and well taken. Surprisingly, the food came out, another story.

Usually, I start my meal with a soup, and in the menu this name caught my attention, so I ordered ‘Lobster Bisque’ at RM 14.90. The bread on the outer layer was toast perfectly to crispy on the outside soft inside, filled with creamy soup base and just nice, not too thick It seems that after stirring, there is not detection of any lobster meat or any other ingredient but I sure do enjoy my soup.

‘San Francisco Salad’ Is nothing much special to comment on with normal salad dressing. RM 13.90

‘Atlantis Platter’ Sound bombastic, and picture illustration looks good. When it was served in front of me, I did stare at it quite a while, till the client ask me what’s wrong. I told them, you see on this pic and see my serving. They also shake their head. I would say like SHIT, so much different compare to the picture in the menu. This was my serving, I would say it is a disastrous meal for me. The whole thing in my plate is not fresh, the mussels and scallop taste geli, ashy feel, salmon is quite overcook and the fish taste is strong, the best part is the prawns,Tiger Pranws which is so small that it looks like 2 50cents on my plate.

I was disappointed by the meal and I complain on it, I asked, is it the prawns meant to be like that? The answer by the waiter is YES. I asked again. So small? YES. Then ask them can I change cuz the whole plate is not fresh, seems like doesn’t care less to change for me.

Charge at RM44.90. What a price for this kind of serving.

Client took ‘T-Bone Steak’ Which was order was medium rare came out well done. So I would say a well done job and at a fantastic price RM58.90

‘Tenderloin’ RM58.90 Is a bit better, slightly softer which is not serve well done. 75% done came out which they are quite happy over it. Taste so so. Nothing special to comment on.

I think this is ‘Salmon with Fillet Steak’. The salmon all taste pretty much the same, again which is not fresh, and the steak I have no idea why is it all the serving is all well done. The meat ended up hard and chewy. RM35.90.

‘Americian Grill’ served with Steak, Salmon and Lamb(if not mistaken) and charge at RM43.90. In this plate, only the lamb taste slightly better than the rest.

After eating and trying out some of the foods there, only one word from me. I BANNED this place. The price is sky rocket with the quality of food they are serving. One waitress served us very well, the rest like aiii…. Speechless. I just would not recommend any one to this disastrous restaurant. If you are only looking for a drink, it should be alright.

-= Ka Ching =-
Food Rating 1/10, SUCK!!…..BANNED.~-Stamped-
–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-
San Fransisco Steak House
Lot 136,
First FloorSuria KLCC
Kuala Lumpur City Centre
50088 Kuala Lumpur

Tel :

603-2382 0329

Business Hour :
Daily12.00noon – 12.00midnight


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