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State of Play

by Taufulou

  Genre: ?Drama/Crime?

Watch this alone last week whereby I am quite free, why watch it because the trailer looks good and also the cast which is Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck.

Its another political thriller where Russell Crowe as the journalist trying to find the truth behind the killing scene and ended up connect back to Ben Affleck his friend. A movie is up to my expectation, although the movie I feel it’s a bit uncomfortable for 2 hours but no complains. Was curious who were the people behind the whole scene that create the mess out. It was reveal at the back of the movie.

Can either watch it during movie day or just grab a dvd also can.

— Tik Ching, Pass, Stamped —

Overall ratings 6.5/10, Ok ok lah~

— The movie rated by me is by my own personal preference. Watch it at your own risk —

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