This is one of the place where most of my friends like to go, when ask what to eat. Sushi Zanmai~ I also aiii.. why always here. As you know, girls they want something not heavy yet can abit diet so always end up Japanese food which is much more healthy compare to the rest.

From left to right:

‘Ebi Mentai’ RM6 – The prawns was not well cooked, and the taste was not as expected as usual dining. The mayonnaise taste a bit weird though. I think today the chef is abit out.

‘Inari Kani Ebikko’ RM3.80 – The skin is served cold which is nice but the ingredient in there is quite little can rate as KIAM SIAP category. Something is just missing in there. Just can figure out.

‘Inari Salmon Salad’ RM3.80– Quite dissapointed that the tuna was very little.

‘Crab Maki’ RM6 – In the pictures it look quite big but then when it was serve, you can take 2 pieces for 1 mouth. The soft shell crab just taste weird even my friend said so. It was soft, did not fried well.

‘Chuka Lidako’ RM 6 – always remain my favourite, never get a chance to disappoint me. Always serve abit cold and its nice to it, chewy and nice.

‘California Temaki’ which is noting much to commet on for this as it taste pretty nornoal with the rest of the ppl . RM4.80.

From left to right:

‘Aburi Hotate’ RM6 – Always my favourite for this 2. Soft and and a bit chewy. Jus perfect to go along with the wasabi. Will never miss.

‘Salmon Mentai’ RM6. was abit dissapointed that day of the way the serve the food. Doesnt look good nor taste nice. The salmon is not fresh. Taste Geli!

‘Katsuo Tataki’ RM3.80 – I do not know what fish is this but in the menu picture it looks good. When it reach our table, the fish look dry, like some 1 had suck its water or been vaporize some where. The ginger and the fish just taste weird to me. My friend directly asks me to finish it up.
This is far the most disappointed meal that I had in Sushi Zanmai so far. The food some of the dish that I ate is not fresh, the service on that day is just speechless.

-= KA CHING =-

Food rating 4.5/10 , -Dissapointed~

–WARNING –This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Sushi Zanmai
SK 9A, 2nd Floor, High Street,
1-U Shopping Center, Selangor

Tel: 03- 7724 2030


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