While waiting for next appointment and not sure where to go, he randomly try out Nanyang Cafe in Eko Cheras Mall. While I was writing this, only know that they are actually quite famous among this neighbourhood for a Hong Kong Cafe in KL after Kim Garry. Serve one of the best Polo bun in KL.

Eko Cheras

Simple modern interior that reflects much more on the Hong Kong Cha Chan Teng.

Polo Pau

What attracted me to try this outlet is because of their Hong Kong Polo Bun that make fresh in the kitchen, that looks pretty decent.

Hong Kong Cafe

Nanyang Cafe (4)

Menu is quite direct with noodles, cheese rice, toast where it should be. Pork Burger with their french style bun.

Nanyang Cafe (5)

I must say that their drinks are very impressive. All their drink series are very solid or strong in taste. Those with weaker heart might not stand their Coffee. Smooth and strong in taste.

I tried 3:

  1. Hong Kong Coffee
  2. Hong Kong Milk Tea
  3. HOng Kong Yin Yeong

I personally like their coffee if were for breakfast. then their milk tea taste better too.

Nanyang Cafe (6)

wan tan noodle is alright. Noodle is springy and the wanton sui know is pretty decent in size. A prawn sui know.

Nanyang Cafe (7)

Polo bun

This is the main star that caught me into the outlet. Hong Kong Polo Bao with New Zealand Butter @ RM 4.80. It is not too bad for a bun. Fresh soft bun, flaky crusty top and with a slice of butter and a glass of coffee its a great combination.

Nanyang Cafe (9)

Nanyang Cafe (10)

Nanyang Cafe (11)

Nanyang Cafe (12)

I do not mind to come here for Yum cha session just for polo bun and their drinks.

Nanyang Cafe (南洋冰室)
M-S03A & 03B, 2nd Floor,
Eko Cheras Mall No.693, Batu,
5, Jln Cheras, 56000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 10am – 10pm

Tel: 03-2771 9895

My friend recently introduce me to this classic Hakka food in Cheras, Hakka Marble Restaurant 美浩天 at Taman Bukit Anggerik, Cheras. Run by a few family members and their food range is pretty limited. The whole menu is on the wall and there are a few signature item to hit on.

Hakka Marble (1)

Hakka Marble (2)

One thing I like is their vinegar. Fragrant, and taste pretty good.

Hakka Marble (3)

One of the classic dish that must not miss if you dine in any hakka restaurant place is this Abacus. Well, their signature here is slightly different as it is Pumpkin Abacus Beads

Fried to perfection, not over cook, yet the handmade abacus is soft, chewy and a nice texture for a mouthful bite.

Hakka Marble (4)

Hakka Marble (5)

For a simple dish to go on we order their Bittergourd Soup. Bittergourd is not too overpowering yet it is just nice for those who cant really stand the strong taste of it. Mild enough to go along with other dishes. Finely Cut slices makes it nice to bite on the crunchy texture.

Hakka Marble (6)

Hakka Marble (7)

Was told to try on their Fried Asam Laksa @ RM 9. Asam laksa taste is prominent, yet more towards on the sourish side. Serve with two fresh prawns. A taste that I am not too sure how to enjoy for my first experience. Maybe will give it another chance again.

Hakka Marble (8)

Friend Hokkien Noodle @ RM 17 (for 2 pax) is much better than the fried bee hoon.

Hakka Marble (10)

Hakka Marble (11)

We order quite alot of their house special drink. One which is Cincau Sarsi and Cucumber Asam (very refreshing drink)

Hakka Marble (12)

Hakka Marble (13)

If you are around this neighborhood and craving for abacus, do drop by to give it a try.


-= Ka Ching =-

Food rating 7/10 – pretty decent hakka food

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

Hakka Marble Restaurant (美浩天)
18, Jalan 34/154, Taman Bukit Anggerik,
56000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating hours:
11:30am–3pm, 5:30–11pm
Close Tuesday

Tel: 012-290 0538

Being a Malaysian, I am quite surprise that there is actually a hidden chocolate factory that produce quite good Malaysian Chocolate that symbolize A Unique Malaysian Chocolate Experience. Harriston Signature Chocolate located in Cheras is one a major hive for tourist as they serve 8 millions customer a year. That is massive for a local brand.

Harriston (1)

In tourism sector, Harriston Signature Chocolate is one of a Malaysian souvenir to be brought back to their home country as well known for the quality of chocolate that they are producing.

Harriston (2)

With hardwork and constant dedication of the team in R&D, they have produce one of their signature best selling products that most customer or tourist will walk off is the Durian chocolate and Tongkat Ali chocolates.

Harriston (3)


Its a big chocolate place for chocolate lover to buy their chocolates and you can see how chocolate are being produce in their Chocolate Production Kitchen.

Harriston (5)

Harriston (8)

It might sounds weird, but I can assure you that it taste awesome!

Harriston (9)

Most of their packaging are nicely packed and ready to be given out as gift. This is also unique chocolate which is Chili infuse. It gives you some chili spicy yet fragrant of chocolate. Very interesting.

Harriston (6)

As in their cafe, do not miss out their chocolate drink. Pack with solid chocolate and 1 cup is enough to fill you up.

Harriston (10)

Harriston (11)

Then we head up to their special chocolate class that was arrange for us.

Duration; 1 Hour – to produce 4 different types of chocolate.

Harriston (12)

also a great bonding time with your kids. Kids are all over the moon in this work shop as they can just eat the chocolate and decorate with it.

Harriston (13)

Given a pair of gloves, mask and apron. Lets play in this chocolate DIY workshop.

Harriston (14)

there is an instructor at the front guiding all of us on step by step in making chocolate mold and to even it out.

Harriston (15)

In the making of my chocolate candy.

Harriston (16)

My work station is very messy as it is not easy to handle chocolate as what we see those chef in the kitchen. It need skills in pipping and also the temperature is the core in making chocolate.

Harriston (17)

My creation.

Harriston (18)

anyone of you wound want to take one?

Harriston (19)

Harriston (20)

For a Malaysian Chocolate snacks Brand, it is very impressive and the amount of tourist flocking in, is pretty amazing.

You guys can certainly check it out to get a cup of chocolate drink and do try out their testers that the staff is giving.

Harriston Signature Chocolate
10 & 12, Jalan 13/91, Jalan Cheras,
Taman Shamelin Perkasa, 56100 Kuala Lumpur

operating hours:
Daily : 9am – 8pm

Tel: 03-2162 2008

One of a upcoming prominent in Korea that currently is in massive expansion mood in the country, have about 100 outlets across Korea. Not only that, as Chicken Plus finally landed in Malaysia at Sunway Velocity being their first outlet and there will be more to come  as they are aggressively expanding in Malaysia too.

chicken Plus (1)

It was election week and while returning to KL and craving for Fried Chicken, then stumble upon this outlet that it is new and running a promotion.

chicken Plus (2)

chicken Plus (3)

chicken Plus (4)

chicken Plus (5)

chicken Plus (6)

Ways on ordering.

chicken Plus (7)

As starter, you are given a mini salad and radish.

chicken Plus (9)

The chart of their massive growing outlets in Korea

Ordered their signature to try on.

chicken Plus (11)

Love their Ttoboki, as rarely I would order that. Just not a big fan of it when in Malaysia as it is hard to find the right texture, soft and chewy. However, this place is spot on. Love their spicy sauce to my liking as taste just the one that I had in roadside of Dongdaemun. – Recommended (as this was a free item during their opening promo). Carbonara is not too bad too if you like creamy base.

chicken Plus (15)

thank god that they have small portion as in 2 pieces. Most of the Korean fried chicken shop serve in half chicken or full therefore cant try much flavour. 2 Pcs Drumstick @ RM 11 (Flavour – Basakan Original) – original Koren Fried Chicken.

Over here we tried 4 of their signature sauce.

chicken Plus (12)

Boneless chicken was top of the pick among were the girls fave which I never understand till date as it is easy for them to eat along with their pretty manicure. Boneless Regular @ RM 16 with Hot Shocking Sauce (with special flavor of dried red pepper in soy sauce base)

chicken Plus (13)

According to the staff, Creamy Onion was their best seller and we decided to try it out with Wings 8 Pcs @ RM 18. 

chicken Plus (14)

chicken Plus (17)

Their butter rice is damm good. Just give it a try. Something simple that just pack with flavour.Recommended.

chicken Plus (10)

Of course if got a chance will add on cheese for the fried chicken. (RM 19) Their cheese actually taste better than some of other places as it does have a mix unique taste.

chicken Plus (20)

Another order we tried with Boneless Chicken Regular @ RM 16 with (Yang-Nyuem) – sweet and spicy sauce.

chicken Plus (19)


chicken Plus (21)

Dessert we order Mango Bingsu @ RM 23. Their bingsu is the soft snow texture and being greedy, we order the melon bingsu @ RM 26 too.

chicken Plus (22)

chicken Plus (23)

Melon bingsu just lack of the juicy and sweetness from the fruits ifself. If not, it would be a perfect ending as we understand it from fruits production standpoint.

Find that the food here is not too bad and will definitely return again as the price is quite reasonable. Among the chicken flavours I tried, my personal preference prefer both (Hot Shocking & Yang-Nyuem)

*Pork Free

Location :
Chicken Plus+
Lot 2-15A, Level 2, Sunway Velocity Mall
Cheras, KualaLumpur

(infront of Toy R Us)

Operating hours: 10am – 10pm

I think Cincin Restaurant & Wine Bar is a good addition for Cheras Folks. I am not too sure is there any wine bar around but to cater for such a huge population is indeed a great addtion to the areay where folks in Cheras do not have to drive so far to hang out.

CinCin (1)

It is a two-storey restaurant located opposite Cheras Leisure Mall with ample of parking during night. Since MRT is operationg, good for those who needs to rely on the train, you can get off at MRT Taman Mutiara station and take a cab there as the restaurant is less than 1km away.

CinCin (2)

Well, all of us are like curious goat where why does the place is name cin cin and only found out that in Italian, Cincin literally translates to “Cheers”. Therefore, this place is a restaurant and wine bar also the space is big enough to cater for .private parties. The separation of space in the venue means ground floor – mainly for beer and casual dining and 1st floor – wine dining with a dress code – smart casual or can be your private event space.

CinCin (3)

Types of beers that is available besides wine.

CinCin (4)

CinCin (6)

They have a few hang out spots in this place and here is definately one of a cozy place.

CinCin (7)

Well for us tonight, it is like hosting a huge private Christmas event, with dining chairs are all nicely tie up with helium balloons and decorations of tables and tress are all up for Christmas mood.

CinCin (8)

CinCin (18)

CinCin (21)

As for hosting private event, you also can request a customize mini door gift such as t his.

CinCin (9)

CinCin (10)

CinCin (12)

Let’s CinCin for a fun occasion with strong friendship continues.

CinCin (11)

Dinner menu for tonight.

CinCin (15)

Enjoying our wine for the night.

CinCin (17)

Caesar Salad and Clear Soup with Truffle Oil then we start off with white wine Padre Pedro Reserva Branco Varietal: Viognier and Arinto (2015)

CinCin (20)

Poached Salmon in White Wine Broth

CinCin (22)

Grilled Portobello Mushroom with Bacon and Cheese

CinCin (23)


CinCin (24)

Grilled Lamb Rack in Red Wine Rosemary Sauce  pair with Aldeya Tinto Varietal: Syrah. Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon (2015)

CinCin (25)

Hojicha Creme Brulee

CinCin (26)

Get to know some new faces and from the rest of us, CinCin to year 2018.

Cin Cin-409


Spend RM500 wine purchase in total of 3 bills, in a month. You are entitled to your own crystal wineglass stored in Cincin FREE, and a charm with name. Follow Cincin Facebook for their in-house events. For every event joined, member will get a special charm chained on their wineglass.

CinCin (14)

Roast and Grill Platter for 4 Pax
Comes with complimentary 4 glasses of cava @ RM268++
Christmas Dinner from 22 – 25 December 2017
Buffet-style salad, soup and cold cuts
Live carving of turkey and lamb leg – table service
For pricing, please visit Cincin’s Facebook Page
Buy 1 FREE 1 Promotion
Cava RM 38++
Red wine RM 28++
White wine RM 28++

Cincin: Wine, Bar, Grill
No.1, Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau,
56000 Cheras,
Kuala Lumpur.

Contact: +603-9134 2272

Email: [email protected]

I am a fan of steamboat, where there are certainly many kinds out there, not to mention Coco Steamboat is well known for their pork bone broth soup base that gives you a kick in their flavor according to many diners out there. This round, we were treated with one of their latest version of steamboat which is really steam from the broth underneath.

coco steamboat (1)

If you are Cheras folks, you might know them as now they have shifted from their old shop to this brand newly renovated restaurant just down the road from where they previously occupied. I am quite impress with them as they do hire a security with weapon equip for safety of diners.

coco steamboat (2)

coco steamboat (3)

coco steamboat (4)

For their new version of steamboat, they called it Sauna steamboat and they have sets for you to choose or you can pick back their ala carte menu. 

coco steamboat (5)

coco steamboat (6)

For a start, their fried home made beancurd and wonton is a must order as both are filled with generous ingredients in it. 

coco steamboat (7)

coco steamboat (8)

We got set C where most of the fresh seafood is in it and thinking of sauna, this would be the best combination of all. 

coco steamboat (9)

coco steamboat (10)

Original pot will be serve in this version where white cabbage is serve on the top and their superior broth is at the bottom. 

coco steamboat (11)

coco steamboat (12)

coco steamboat (12.1)

coco steamboat (13)

How this is eaten where all the fresh seafood being place nicely on the top of the cabbage, then cover with the lid and let it steam for 5-15  minutes depending on the ingredients that you ordered. First you get to eat those seafood fresh, secondly all the seafood sweetness of their aroma and steam effect drip into the broth below. Right after you finish all the seafood and take the metal base lid up and enjoy the superior soup base at the bottom, where it is include with special rice to make it a mini porridge too. 

Soup is pack with flavour and I had 4 bowls of soup after that. Their home made chili is a bomb.

coco steamboat (14)

If you are really hungry and ready to eat, then Sauna steamboat is not advisable as it takes you quite a while to finish the ingredients that you order. Still a great new version of steamboat on my encounter.

Coco Steamboat
25, Ground Floor, Jalan 1/119,
Taman Bukit Hijau, 56000 Kuala Lumpur.

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