Few days ago, I was dining out with my friend and suddenly our topic was bout blogging. This is the first time I ever go dinner and talk bout it. Then I thought of coming out with this idea of catagorise the best and the worst restaurant of the month. Then my friend said its a good idea. At least peple will consider that first instead of going through the whole list. Much anticipated for today and after looking through my pick in the month of September, there are a food ones in the month of September.
How I select and judge on my decisions on good and bad food (that score below 5 in my list definately falls into this catagory) are only 2 area:

1) Quality of the food
2) Service of the restaurant

Therefore September Food of the Month (was pretty dilemma as there are a few of my favourites):

Things to look out: Duck + Pig Oil Rice
Bad Food of the Month:

remarks: improve your food quality even though its set lunch.

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-


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