In food court, the food vendor had become smarter on doing promotional activities.. I was hunting around which stall to eat on that day and I was unable to decide. Previously I had tried on the Korean food there. It was not bad. Then wanted to tried something else and saw this promotional on this stall with statistics and a lot of people were purchasing it also. I guess a lot of people purchase by the promotional activities had on the stall write: eg: Month of July sold 300 plates, Aug sold 500 plates, Sept sold 400plates. Thought it was so good and the food pictures is as below:

‘Pinapple Fried Rice Set’ cost around RM10 if not mistaken.

With the promotional thing they have on their stall, I guess it’s a successful campaign I would say but it will be only for one time purchase. This is the worst ever pineapple fried rice I ever tasted. Its was very strong in the powdery taste, very salty and this is the first time that I had 2-3 spoon of the rice and decided not to eat it anymore. Instead went to bread top to grab a bread to eat. My friends got very surprise and ask me what happen. Then I ask them to try then you will know. They had one small bite or taste on it. They were like..apa ini? I told them pineapple fried rice la.. they said human eat 1 meh? . . . . . . .
Totally BANNED by me this Thai Stall. . . No more next time.

Told my friend that the Korean food there is not bad and they hunt for ‘BBQ Chicken’. It was expected with the taste of the mild spiciness with the soft chicken grilled on top of it that with a bowl of rice is a great combination. With around RM18.90 comes also with desert. The prices quite okay la.

The ‘Mango Ice Kacang’ is not in my list of preference. Found it that its too sweet as its colouring sweet. The ice is quite big in pieces not in very snowy.

-= Ka Ching =-

Food Rating 5/10, so so, ~ -Stamped-

–Warning– This is based on my individual taste. Try it at your own risk-

The Food Garden
3rd Floor, The Garden,
Mid Valley.


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