Mid-Autum Festival or known as The Moon Festival is one of the Chinese celebration that I always look forward. Being craving for mooncake which only get to eat once a year of course I am excited over it. To add in the excitement of my mood, I was invited by Bigboysoven for mooncake review in a 5 start hotel and its my very first time. I have went before food review but little did I know mooncake review.

I feel privillage that with its excellent track record and numerous awards have been won by the hotel and with their very own signature mooncakes is something that you would not want to miss.

I got to know that, one of the challenges of making a mookcake is the crust of it. The thinner layer of it the harder it will be as when it is baked, to certain extend the crust will crack or burst but with a great chef they have, they have manage to create a thin layer of it which i get to know its called a good mooncake.

Start off with their classic range.
‘Low Sugar Hong Kong White Lotus Paste’ @ RM19+/pc. It’s the classic mooncake which is in low sugar level and with its compact base is something that I enjoy. A thin layer of crust with something like a baked cake taste just add on the taste of it.

‘Chrysanthemum Lotus Paste with Chinese Wolfberries’ @ RM21+/pc. Something which is unique that I have not seen and taste before, great texture with the wolfberries taste sinks in. Something new to me.

I have always enjoyed mooncake with yolk. The yolk is salty enough to combine well with the texture. I enjoy every piece of it. ‘Hong Kong White Lotus Paste and Single Egg Yolk’ @ RM21+/pc.

‘Five Varieties Nuts, Rum & Raisins’ @ RM22+/pc. I am not a big fan of nuts when it comes to mooncake, with its strong taste combination of nuts I just do not know how to enjoy it but to the rest they said its good.
Showing how thin layer of skin or crust is that they have manage to create out.
I enjoy this very much, as green tea is always been in my radar. Strong taste of green tea and red bean just one of a good combination. ‘Red Bean with Green Tea Paste’ @ RM20+/pc.

How Sunny and Xin enjoy their bites and time.
Enjoy my dark moment savoring it.

‘Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with White Coffee with Macadamia Nuts’ @ RM12+/pc. After finishing the very first round and here comes the 2nd round of it. Which is the Snow Skin range. Great taste of nuts and with its cold skin I just enjoy it.
Have you ever come across of whiskey in mooncake? While reading the menu, this had certainly caught my attention and looking very forward to try it. ‘Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with Bittersweet Chocolate and Whiskey’ @ RM15+/pc. A strong taste of chocolate and mild whisky detected that melts in your mouth is something you would really not want to miss it. It’s a great new taste for me and enjoying every pieces of it. Recommended in my list as it had won in the competition ‘Battle of Mooncakes’ organize by The Star.

If you do have kids or you would want to go for something sweet, ‘Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with Vanilla Custard and Gummi Bears’ @ RM11+/pc that you should look for. It taste exactly like gummi bears on the skin but in mooncake version. The thick texture with gummi bear gums and the sweetness of it, surely its for kids to enjoy.

‘Mini Snow Mango Cheese Cake’ @ RM12++/pc. I am a cheese cake lover but never thought that it would come out in mooncake. A great taste of cheese and soft strong base covers by the cold skin is something similar like the cakes. Recommended.

Lastly ‘Mini Snow Skin Mooncakes with Strawberry Custard with Aloe Vera’ @ RM11++/pc is something unique in taste but I do not mind to have more.
After eat and eat, try and try we end with ‘Gui Ling Gao’ RM10++. A strong bitter taste that with one bite makes my face smirk =.=” as this is the most bitter that I have came across. Usually dine with honey in it but with the explanation of it, the tradition is to eat in bitterness. Even thought its very bitter, I hantam the whole thing also.

With the unique selection and great taste had make this range an ideal gift to business associates, family and friends. Visit the Prince & The Mooncake Odyssey Counter located at the Grand Lobby from 10.30am to 9.30 pm. If you are looking for bulk order for a minimum of 20 boxes with 2 days in advance, you will get to enjoy 15% discount.

For reservation please call
Tai Zi Heen : 03-2170 8888 ext 8200 /
fax orders to F&B Department :03-2170 8808 or email: [email protected].
log on http://www.princehotelkl.com.my/ for further information.

It was a great eating experience and I really have to say thanks to Sidney(bigboysoven) for extending the invites.


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