As one of the latest crave for a foodie is hunting for Non-Halal food which is mushrooming especially on pork burger or for to hunt for a satisfied porkie meal. It was on a trip recently to celebrate Karen’s Birthday and again I was put in charge for hunting ground, a suggestion came up by Kebbie mentioning Sanbanto then I went to Google it up that they do have good reviews from bloggers and decided to go there. Then a restriction came up that it takes time to travel there as its in SS2. Then after a while I found out that they have a branch now in Puchong at IOI Boulevard that is called the Pork Place which is one of a upcoming center for FnB heaven that I think its very similar to Sunway Giza.


iย  just love this picture with 2 cute piglet on the tree. . .. Do not be suprise that there are alot of painting of piggy on the wall.

pork place (2)

pork place

To those who love to smoke before of after their meal, there are limited tables available for outdoor. . .

pork place (3)

Simple contemporary New York style interior definately make it a cosy place to dine in.

pork place (4)

Red bricks as the deco

pork place (5)

Follow by hosting a long table or group of people at the back of the restaurant with a bar being ready to cater to all of you.

pork place (7)

Then head into the cold room to choose or customise which is the best pork part you want to be cook.

pork place (9)

pork place (8)

What chu staring at? never see a pig cross over panda gene?

pork place (10)

In the menu, they do not offer extensive range just one simple page that promote their whole range. Lunch Special is a bargain starting from RM19-RM22 comes with a drink.

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  1. Ah Bok, boh chap …. u must bring me and andrew there

    Wa lang kau giak stim tu bak …. boh tu bak eh si eh …..

  2. My family went there last Sat (19-3-11). We ordered the weekend special: crispy pork knuckle (large) @ RM69 and spare ribs @RM45.

    The pork knuckle came jus 5 minutes after our order, even faster than our drinks!. We were surprised! When pork knuckle come that quickly, it can only mean one thing: leftover! True enough, the meat was lukewarm and the skin was not crispy at all. The meat was hard and tough, dry like tree bark. We complained to the captain and he said he will replace it. But all he did was sent back to the kitchen to reheat the skin. The skin was crispy but was also burnt! The meat was still lukewarm and tough like my old leather boots! Our jaws became tired after chewing!

    Then came the spare ribs. Only slightly better than the knuckle. Quite tasteless. We had to ask for salt and pepper. The meat was equally tough and dried.

    All in all, it was very disappointing. We ta-pau the pork knuckle home to feed our pet which also rejected it! This was the worst pork knuckle i had ever tasted (we didn’t eat becos not edible)!

    Donโ€™t waste your money and time visiting this place. There are better dining places!

    • Taufulou Reply

      really that bad huh..i guess the chef was not in the mood that day. . ..

      well, we went there we had a satisfying lunch that day . .

      • I have many meals there, the food and service are excellent. Place is always crowded. Best is the pork steak, well-done.

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