How often do you hit into Google and start to search for free movie? It was not until recently this website was introduce to me by a friend. He mention that, even though this is not a big hit like Hollywood Box office movie in there yet there are quite a number of decent movie in there and best of all, they are all in HD.

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Then I decided to check it out by typing it out At first it did give a few thoughts whether should I go on, and well, why not as I have been working nonstop recently and decided to take a few hours break. There are quite a number of award winning movie in there from different genre ranging from, Horror mostly from Asia, Comedy, Reality and others.

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Then I decided to watch a comedy movie till this movie caught my attention: Fifty Pills is a college movie. Since all the movies are free then we have to watch a full advertisement right before the movie start.

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It’s a movie that live its tag line: Warning, you may addicted by watching this Movie. No doubt that I thought I am going to watch first 20 minutes ended up watching the whole movie. Its definitely hilarious that will cheer your stress day and its like slightly a bit like American Pie.

As this kid got full scholarship to this University and he have this awesome roommate Coleman that he idolize. Gotten into a huge party then got caught by the counselor and lost his scholarship, as along the way he found a hot chic and because of her he had gone do something which he never expected to do which is Ecstasy dealer in order fund the fees and also to court after her.

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After losing his scholarship, Darren Giles reluctantly resorts to selling fifty ecstasy pills to stay in school, and hopefully a shot at dating the girl of his dreams. A great love comedy and definitely recommended to watch!

Those of you might enjoy this to another level if you own any of SAMSUNG Smart TV. Detail of the movie can go as big as 75” tv without any problem or pixelated.


IF you do not own one any of the unit. Do not be sad as they are not giving away 2 x 40” Samsung Smart TV for you to win.

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Check it out at: as there will be more and more movie coming soon.

This Video is Cute~


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