Last week days when I was working n clicking on my hotmail, then jeng jeng jengggggg….got an email from Nuffnang and open it up it was the Nuffnang Invites to the Xpax events and later in the evening, got another invites from Xpax to the events also. I have to gradually thanks to both partie
When I read the email, I was lost about the venue, it was at The Republic Sunway, then I was like harr…got such place 1 meh..All I know is MOS,Banana Republic and Barcelona. Then I ask most of my clubber friends, they also don know..Aiya don care la..reach on that day only ask ~

Then I invited my bro and Mandy along.

Reached and lost to find registration counter.

Quite alot of ppeople around and I went into the wrong booth to get the event pass and I thought wah lau eh..y so long ge, so many people attending the event ha. Upon reaching the counter, the sales person told me that am I getting a Blackberry, I said maybe and asked where is the registration for bloggers, he said not here. Lost again.. On that day itself, Celcom Xpax is having one day off promotion for those who bought on the spot for Blackberry 8520 will be getting a special discount with the unit only RM888 and Retail is RM1288.
What I have found out on that day was a great package for ‘prepaid user’ on Blackberry or to those who are not a frequent user. What the sales person told me was, pay as you go usage.
Applicable on 24 hours basis with cut off time of 12am:
RM1 : For only normal Internet surfing applications, like FB, Google and etc.
RM2.50: will get the FULL Blackberry service.

First time went to Xpax event and waiting for their performance line up and kaypoing looking around who is there that I know. Luck wasnt around so not at that moment.

Start off with an Unknown guy by the name of Shawn Lee as human beatboxer, have to skip the picture because it was blurrr.. He was a stranger to me on that night but with his amazing performance me and my bro was like a bit shock to listen what was actually he was doing. HE IS GOOD. Just by using is tone, he had rock the area. Always see that in youtube but never known that in Malaysia there is such a great talent.

Followed by this guy Joe and thought that he ought to look familiar and remembered Toophat is them if I am not mistaken. A real local hip hop artist which they do have the real quality as a rapper.

Arabyrd as one of the performer stranger to me but with her dancing style, sure do attracts a lot of attention.

DJ Xu from Lapsap spinning his deck with house music!cool stuff~

After watching a few performance by them, not naturally talented but trying to be one of the talented person, not into singing, dancing or Dj’ing..but I am trying my luck in model wanna be for X-factor’ing that begins the X factor.

Nowdays most phone comes with camera, but it could never get us as in the picture. X-factorz we ar not gayz

Mandy being very happy surrounded by us, X-factorz she never like 3p’s.

Don look that he is small size. What he did was, he is able to rock the place. Can you? X-factorz saying that he is young and dangerous, Shawn Lee.
This great guy, Joe is one of the great local artist. X-factorz that if he talks fast you will never understand!

Me and Jessica a girl you will never want to mess with. X-factorz saying that she is a wanted person by alot of people.

One of the famouuuus blogger in the event! Cindy Tey and finally got to meet her in person. X-factorz – Too hot to handle~

Another famous blogger and quite shock to me also that she is actually quite tall! One of the finalist in Nuffnang awards under travelling category, Nicolekiss. She is the female version of Christopher Columbus – X factorz

hahha..this guy, my x-colleague , Melvin a very funny guy. Do watch out when he is high or drunk! -X factor

This guy, wanted list had been put up every where. Beware of this sot sot guy. Walk around and never look at ppl. X-factorz
and of course lastly, x-factorz will lead to X-rated. Too deep V have to use with X to covered up.

Few days later only lead to the idea of.. … ….. …… …….

To own a Blackberry is very good at most of the time. You will never know when you will need to use it even though you thought you are not but in this situation, I really dreamt on that I actually own of Blackberry on that time. Really helps me to kill on my poison growing mushroom. Makes the world even closer in a touch of palm and connect to my indo and china friends. I can tweet, I can follow play my FB games, Google map….

I was on the verge of the suicide of boredemness. . . . Helppp!!! .Blackberry, blackberry, blackberryyyyyyyy

Even tweet the idea on it….then kena

kutuk in FB as I linked it …..on that time it jus came across my mind and now yes..I am promoting it so I can win myself Blackberry…………

For more information, please click here, X-Pax.


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