I have always wanted a wireless bluetooth earbud till last Lazada birthday Bash back in March, I saw this item ZNT AirFits Pro Evolution True Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Earbud or ZNT AirFits Pro Earbud is on sale. I bought it at RM 105 including FREE delivery which is quite a good bargain. On and Off do check out on Shopee Sale Too

It always retail about RM 230 and with normal flash sale is about RM 150 – RM 180. When randomly saw it dropped till RM 105, bought direct. My video review is as below:

ZNT (1)

Delivery comes pretty fast, all the way from China I think it takes only about 7 days? Comes in a nicely sealed packagin , solid box .

ZNT (2)

ZNT (3)

I was actually deciding to get the oval shaped design or this and after read much comment, decided to go for this. For the case it do look cool and nice but for practicallity, it is not logic as taking up a big space in your pocket. Oval or smaller shape earbud dock is better.

connection to phone via bluetooth is sensitive and fast. Easily pairred without any issue.

ZNT (4)

Charging dock only using our normal USB cable. For full charing on case, will last you 4 hours x 3 charges on the earbuds.

ZNT (5)

overall it is handy and my pro and cons as below:


  1. lightweight
  2. nice looking
  3. I bought it at cheap price, hence can’t complain much.


  1. not practical for pocket
  2. bass and audio so so, different people have different expectation
  3. volumm on both maximum lvl is not loud enough (I cant really hear footsteps in my PUBG gaming)
  4. when I jog, on my right hear it does fall off. Doesnt come with extra earbud sizes

2 months later after I came back from China, I bought Mi Earbud Pro (which is much better) will do a next video on it on the comparision which is about similiar price too.

So if you want to get any earpiece, do check out during 11.11. Certainly believe going to be a good bargain.


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