Home Events Thomas Cup Semi Final 2010 @ Putra Stadium,Bukit Jalil

Thomas Cup Semi Final 2010 @ Putra Stadium,Bukit Jalil

by Taufulou

Thomas Cup (2)

I got shock when I walked into the stadium. It was so full on this side of the entrance as this view is the nearest to the court and people came here as early as 4.30pm to get a good spot. When I arrive here, this whole part were already packed with fans.

Thomas Cup (3)

When I see the court, I was wondering how come the court is put in this way, not to the side.

Thomas Cup (4)

and I have to walk to another end to grab a good seat and the seats are filled up instantly and I looked up at the electronic score board see the first match line up, I was very excited. Already the top of the match and feel like its Final. Li Dan and Lee Chong Wei.

Thomas Cup (10)

Thomas Cup (5)

I have never been to a tournament that are filled with so many fans and the atmosphere in here is euphoric~

Thomas Cup (6)

With my friends Karen . . . .

Thomas Cup (7)

and Shih Mun

Thomas Cup (8)

Karen with her nephew all hopes for Lee Chong Wei or I should say  his idol. . . .

Thomas Cup (9)

As when all the crowd saw Lee Chong Wei walking out, all the fans go crazy, drumming, singing and chanting for his name and as for in this match, most of the pundits are saying China would have easy round to get thru to finals.

Thomas Cup (11)

As the match start, whole nation eyes are on the first match  . . . ..

Thomas Cup (12)

and first set won by Li Dan and what me and my friends feel that Lee Chong Wei could have played better as we know how he could perform if he is on form.

Thomas Cup (13)

Second match looks to be very boring as Li Dan the only one attacking.

Thomas Cup (14)

When the score line seems to be a bit impossible, the fans start to koyak and Karen’s nephew is so dissapointed at his idol.

Thomas Cup (15)

yet most of the fans still believe in him that he can do it.

Thomas Cup (16)

and the result for 1 match is Lin Dan bt Lee Chong Wei 21-17, 21-8


Thomas Cup (18)

but this paria Li Dan when he won, he took off his shirt and do robot dancing. . . and alot of people are piss at his action but in this match Li Dan playing style makes Lee Chong Wei like a novice.

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superwilson 19/05/2010 - 6:38 pm

Too bad we lost, if not! We could give Indo a fight!


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