Recently on and off, there are a few people who asked me do I know any place that is pet friendly I would only say Jaya One or Desa Park City eatery. Little did I know that the new kid on the block, Xiao Ming Kopitiam at Jaya One PJ and all its other branch is actually pet friendly Kopitiam. 

pet friendly cafe in pjxiao ming kopitiam jaya one
pet friendly cafe pjEatery is indeed quite cosy over here, with full blast of air con, your furry pets wont be too hot as all pets can be inside the outlet. Even more thoughtful is that they also do prepare dog leash on the wall area to keep your pet around your friendly restaurant pjpet friendly cafe klIt seems that they are Hong Kong x Local fusion food and the price is quite affordable with mains starting from RM 13.90 or even a set from RM 15.90 (1 x main + 1 x drink) cheaper than my work place set lunch at Sunway.

xiao ming kopitiam menu

Menu is actually quite extensive. I came in the evening 6.30pm and there are also some dim sum dishes available. I wanted to order their Polo Bun, but its sold out as its one of their best seller. 

xiao ming kopitiam goh tong jaya

best kopipeng in pjFor drinks we ordered,

  1. Chilled Milk Tea @ RM 7.90 will certainly suits milk tea lover. Its smooth and silky, strong tea taste.
  2. Xiao Ming Ying Yong @ RM 5.90 – stronger on the teaside and love it, smooth and slightly creamy end.
  3. Xiao Ming Kopi @ RM 4.90 – those of you love strong coffee taste, this is certainly affordable and recommended!
  4. Xiao Ming Affogato @ RM 8.90

espresso affogato

fried spam

Order Luncheon Meat Frieds for bites to start off with @ RM 15.90. Nicely fried and love the hint of saltiness from it.


Wonderland @ RM 24.90, grilled chicken chop served with cheesy tomato gravy, Taiwanese Sausage and Man tou.

The portion is actually quite above average compare to some restaurant. Chicken chop is fried nicely with crumbs just nice. Generous amount of cheese. Perfect for cheese lover. I was suprise to see that they actually serve with Taiwan Sausage which give us an extra chewyness from the plate also with Mantou. Definitely a plate like this will KO you easily.
chicken chop
cheese bake chickenIn the menu, I saw this very unique and decided to give it a try. Baked Cheesy rice with fresh mango, sweet corn and grilled chicken  @ RM 18.90.

Kinda rare combination but turns out to be better than expected. The cheese is is not even like Banjir, is more like Tsunami type. I would advise those of you order this, best advise to start sharing this portion first. A perfect dish for cheese lover. nasi lemak setIndeed this is a dish that many ways would go wrong. However, Nasi Lemak with Fried Chicken Chop @ RM 15.90 is a dish certainly worth to order. Chicken is fried to perfection, nice and crispy soft inside. Rice is fragrant and the sambal of course is not the spicy type. Medium taste with mild spicy and sweetness to pair well with its rice and chicken.nasi lemak pjfried raddishFried Radish Cake @ RM 11.90. Cubes are decently cute, love the wok hei of it. Better than many other stalls out there.
DSCF4507roast pork fried riceWok Fried Siew Yuk Served with Steam Rice and Fried Egg @ RM 14.90
 caramel pudding 2  Caramel Puddingportugese egg tart pj  Waited 30 minutes for these as Xiao Ming Portugese Tart @ RM 3.99 for 1 pc, RM 6.99 for 2pc seems to be customer favourite over here. Got my hands on the new batch of just freshly baked Portugese tart out. Filling is soft and airy. Nice balance taste, crust is slightly on the hard side but its quite buttery. This tart is really down to personal preference. 

DSCF4496Certainly this is an outlet I do not mind to come back again for its comfy environment, pretty decently price and kinda good food. Easy parking also.

Best of all, long operating hours from 8am – 12am. kinda all day long modern kopitiam.xiao ming kopitiam

One of a pet friendly restaurant in KL as there are also a few Xiao Ming Kopitiam spread out in KL. or even Xiao Ming Kopitiam in Klang.


Xiao Ming KopiTiam (Jaya One PJ)

31-LG1, Block C, Jaya One,

Jln Profesor Diraja Ungku Aziz,

Seksyen 13, 46200 Petaling Jaya,


Operating Time: 8 am – 12am

Once a while, going for a Thai Massage is indeed very relaxing. Healthland is often one of my choice especially in morning Happy Hour Special Rate. Recently went to check out their latest Premium Healthland in VE Hotel and Residence at Bangsar South. Healthland is actually is actually a famous Thai Massage place in KL.

Famous thai massage in klDesign over here is definitely different compared to a lot of their outlets. The dressing of the person sitting at the counter is also different. So far the service here been pretty good. Full explanation of package. I often do Thai Massage, this round my body is a bit sore and tired. Went after 2 hours Deep Tissue Massage + Phlai Balm @ RM 199.


healthland hartamas

As when seated, I was given a glass of Ginger tea. This is one of the best Ginger Tea that a massage place can offer. Strong in ginger and tea taste.

reflexogy in klStarted off with 30 minutes Reflexogy and next following 90 minute is Deep Tissue Treatment masasgebest thai massage in klSome rooms comes with its own private toilet and some rooms don’t. I guess you can request from them. 
thai massage in kl thai massage with private roomI enjoyed my massage as usual. The lady that assign to me was petite but her energy and press point are on point. Pretty amazing. I can hear on myself cracking here n there.
thai massage in pj
healthland bangsar south

They have quite number of outlets spread across Klang Valley. If you are looking where is this Healthland in PJ or Healthland in KL you can actually click here for their outlet locations including online booking.


Healthland VE Hotel and Residence

Level M3, 8, Jalan Kerinchi,

Bangsar South, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: 11 am–12 am

Tel: 0322423499

It seems that recently there is a boom of Lamb Hotpot mushrooming every where. There is one I felt that will suits to alot people for those who cannot really take strong flavours of lamb is this Hidden Lamb Pot in Chinatown is this NIAMAH HaoHong Lamb Pot in Petaling Street.

jalan Sultan, Petaling Street

niama hao hong lambpot, petaling street

To find this place might be a abit tricky cuz its a hidden restaurant as hidden in the alley as the main entrance. AT the main road, look for Toto store and right at that alley, walk in. It is even worst when the restaurant is only preparing 40 portions a day starting from 5pm – 10pm or while stock last. You know that you wont go wrong outlet as you walk into the outlet, there is a strong like lamb bak kut teh kind of smell. 

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petaling street

The place is indeed very classic, equip with those kind of like Hong Kong fight screen hawker seat, printed classic 80’s era gambling den. 

Niama Lambpot

For menu it is super simple and direct. With their signature is the Lamb Pot.

lambpot petaling street

This is one of a place that I would recommend to many of you especially those of you like to drink soup. It is light, flavourful and a little hint of more towards bak kut teh . Lamb is soft and juicy.

best lambpot in kl lamb sliceYou need to dip with their special fermented fu yu sauce that give it extra punch of flavours. It is a unique well balance taste yet quite addictive with the sauce too. I ended up having 3 little sauce tray for it.

Besides that you can order add on items and turn it into like mini steamboat and continue eating. I ended refill my soup at least 5 rounds. 

best wantan mee kl

  If you think Lamb might be too strong for you, then another option you can go for their Whisky Siew Yuk Wan Tan Mee. this is pretty spot on. Love the texture of wantan mee that cook to al dante, topped with crispy siew yuk which gives you a cracking skin bite. Meat is soft and juicy that makes it right.  I even order extra as a small portion to continue eating.
whisky siew yuk
lamb riceThose that need rice to go after, something you might consider as their Niamah rice – that is cook with lamb soup base. Give you a hint of very mild after taste of lamb. Good to pair with the lambpot.

1chef tommy  It is indeed a fun night to meet some enjoy lamb people sitting next to mee. Chef Tommy, hope you continue to cook up amazing dishes and please maintain the quality of your addictive lambpot soup base. On and off can miss his lamb soup base. 

It is indeed a recommended place to those of you that enjoy light lamb taste that is soupy end. Recommended to you if you enjoy hint of lamb and a soupy person. those of you love strong lamb taste then this might not be the right place to be. 


Niahmah Hou Hong LambPot

Petaling Street

28, Jalan Sultan, City Centre, 50000 Kuala Lumpur

Operating Hours: thurs – Sunday (5pm – 10pm)

1a. GastroMonth_2023_KV_FunNow_Presents

FUNNOW Malaysia has launched GastroMonth Kuala Lumpur and Penang 2023, a celebration of culinary delights in June. The event is taking place from 1st June – 30th June, featuring more than 40 establishments from the Michelin Guide Kuala Lumpur and Penang 2023, ranging from One Michelin Star to Bib Gourmand and Michelin Selected.


Its a special month that all these restaurants is offering special curated menu and food experience for this GastroMonth Kuala Lumpur and Penang 2023 

If you would want to experience cheapest One-michelin star food which is Auntie Gaik Lean’s Old School Eatery – 9 course meal at RM 98. Which is pretty good deal or cheapest by far. 

Explore more and make your bookings here: Enter my promo code GDXV3FE to receive a discount and explore this city together!

 APW Bangsar is certainly a place for foodie to get around. With one of the latest joint Waig by Chipta11a is actually a sister company of Chipta serving this very unique modern unique Japanese Dining with local infusion. Waig by Chipta11a is a hidden restaurant in APW Bangsar. Tuck right all the way behind in the last stretch of the area, you will see a row of black steel door with dim lighting. That would be there restaurant. 

japanese fusion in klwaig by ch11ptaSeating capacity is not huge as more like limited. The space is small that can cater to nice 2 bar seater pigeon hole concept at the window area or I call it the chef table. Bigger groups can be hosted on the dining floor area.
waig menu

Menu is very direct and not much to look for. However there area a few that worth for you to pick if you are into adventures palate.

My crazy friend Eunice is ordering the whole Uni. That was told by chef Ermer it was freshly flown in the morning itself. 
Chef emerfresh sea urchinJust look at the texture and colour of this uni. YOu will know that it will taste awesome in both texture and taste. Surly it is amazing. fresh uni in klDining experience here is abit playfull too as it allows you to diy your own food. Uni is serve with dry seaweed sheets for you to add on yourself. The freshness and creaminess with a bit solit texture of uni, add in with a sheet of seaweed, adds in a nice layer of crispiness and salty end. premium uniWaig by Chipta11awaigFor Roll, I would say Oh Mi God! One of the best roll I have come across. It is so good that the grains taste so different only then Chef Emer share with us that it is directly imported from s mall province in Japan.  The flavours for both is pretty spot on! Quite distinctive in flavours with its local infusion sauce to give it some punchy flavours at the end. 

Tokusen Futomaki – Chutoro, akami, shimaaji, wintermelon, green chilli paste, cucumber @ RM 100

Smoked Masaba Roll – Smoked mackerel, tamago, century egg, pickled ginger, winter melon and Oba leaf @ RM 120japanese a5 wagyuWagyu with HAm choy is quite an interesting combination. Perferctly grill wagyu with a little crust outside and soft that near melt in your mouth is a great combination to go after. 
apw bangsar
waig sushi

Then Eunice say, BOK!! how can you cancel my order. Sushi here is a must! 9 pcs Assorted Sushi @ RM 270.

Each fish are carefully curated and cured by chef to come out with their special distinctive flavours. Top with their chef special marination sauce on top elevates the flavour. You can taste both its tenchnique, flavours , nice bite texture and after taste is good! such great sushi would be great to pair with their Sake .Do ask chef recommendation for it!yakitoriThen we ordered some yakitori.

yuzu sorbet

Ending is quite intersting as I cant remember clearly but certainly not your ordinary kind of ice cream flavours. 


Waig by Chipta11a

C-02, APW, 29, Jalan Riong,

Bangsar, 59100 Kuala Lumpur


Operating hours: 12pm – 2.30pm / 6pm – 10pm (Monday Close)

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