Otsukimi Mooncake 2016 by Komugi

Komugi Mooncake

time indeed is fast forwarding in a pace that I could not recognise, especially for year 2016. Just in a blink of an eye, Mid Autumm Festival is just around the corner where me and my friends jokingly said, Pikachu lantern will be the best seller character for this year. Besides lantern, mooncake  is then next highlight where Komugi had come out with their Otsukimi Mooncake series. Love their packaging as they created rabbit as their main character with a story…

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Fatt Kee Spicy Fish (發記招牌特色烤鱼) @ Pudu

Fatt Kee Roast Fish (5)

Fatt Kee Spicy Fish – 發記招牌特色烤鱼 or Ah Fa Roast Fish at Pudu had always been in my list to hunt till all my crazy ex-colleague pushing it thru. Was tempted twice by another colleague that he went alone and we have to ensure the third time, all of us is there to get the burning sensation. I have pass by this place a few times and it is always pack on weekend. It is best advise to swing by…

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St.Marc Cafe @ Sunway Pyramid

St.Marc Cafe (1)

One of a well known F&B brand in Japan had just landed in Sunway Pyramid. St.Marc Cafe aims to provide friendly service, a vibrant atmosphere and yummy food. One of their main signature item that has been around for over 15 years is Chococro which is freshly baked daily. Right at the counter, you will be greeted with all these dummies which looks so good. Pricing wise is a bit steep for such a dessert shop. Even they are well known for some of…

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Tiki Taka @ Medan Damansara, KL

Tika Taka (12)

Tiki Taka pintxos and tapas is one of the newest establishment that set food in this well known in this Damansara neighborhood. They are only about 2 months old and already starting to gain popularity among the folks around the area. Sitting right at the corner unit, the name itself do catch our attention and we got to known further that in Spain, Tiki Taka is a style of playing in football term by short passes, maintaining possession, and working the…

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Portofino @ Lucky Garden, Bangsar KL


Portofino is one of a hidden gem in Lucky Garden, Bangsar. Although they sits right at the corner with very big prominent signage, this restaurant actually serve authentic Italian food. It is a very spacious dining restaurant with comfortable seating area and space in between to have your privacy. We were introduce with something classic and simple to start off with – Carpaccio di Manzo – Australian grass fed chilled tenderloin carpaccio served with rocket salad, cherry tomato, parmigiano Reggiano, fresh…

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Famous Yau Char Kwai or Youtiao @ Chow Yang, SS2


Back to street snacks. Who do not love classic street snacks where you get a taste of crunchy bites with very good satisfied feeling. I am referring to this particular stall that I have been snacking it since 4-5 years ago during my old company times. Well, I regard this no name stall with the owner till date still do not want to tell me his stall name that sits right infront of Da Ma Chai at SS2 Chow Yang…

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Hong Kong Wantan Noodle (香港鲜虾皇) @ Restaurant WDS, SS2


Read Vkeong’s review for his recommendation on Hong Kong noodle that located at one of my favorite kopitiam that previously known as Ho Ho Sek at Chow Yang, SS2 which now had changed hands to Restaurant WDS. Hosting back many of previous hawker stall and one new player that stood more prominent that the others is this Hong Kong Wantan Noodle (香港鲜虾皇) . The main chef, Vincent used to work in a famous local HK restaurant chain before he decided…

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Breakfast Thief @ AWP, Bangsar

Breakfast Theif

Sunday usually ends up in some cafe hunting and was out of idea on which cafe to hit on. My best friend recommended this new cafe place in Bangsar which is operating next to PULP is this Breakfast Thief. A new cafe that just operates its door to public for less than a month that serve Melbourne inspired menu. I have read many place that is Melbourne inspired menu but many never came close except for this. Breakfast Thief hit…

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The Forking Cork – Wine & Whisky Bar @ Oug

Forking Cock (1)

The name itself – The Forking Cork is indeed cheeky and considered one of a hidden gem in OUG. The Forcking Cock is a wine and whisky bar where their original objective is to be a place for business meet up and an area to introduce all business meet up. Besides that, it is also perfect for some of you that love to hang out some where nearby and need not drive all the way to KL to enjoy your…

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Sanoook Thai & Jap @ Sunway Pyramid Hotel West


If you hang around Sunway Pyramid long enough, then you will realise actually Sunway Pyramind wing 3 just opens its door to public where is  another new block of Sunway Hotel located. Under this wing, is house with many F&B where Sanoook Thai & Jap operates right at the front entrance. Sanoook Thai & Jap is actually a new concept by Charki Palace. This menu card is interesting where, after open the menu, you will need to hold a few…

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