Year of the Monkey, just another prosperous year? As a beer brand that strives to deliver the finest in everything it does, Carlsberg proposed a toast to Lunar New Year 2016 being “Probably The Best Year” (20一流–堪称最佳新年). Playing on the Mandarin and Cantonese pronunciation of the number ‘16’ [Yī Liú] with the Chinese character “一流”, refers to excellence, top notch or simply the best.

Carlsberg CNY (1)

Carlsberg CNY (4)

Carlsberg CNY (5)

Bringing to life the CNY campaign tagline – “Probably The Best Year” (20一流), Carlsberg, for the first time ever launched seven limited edition designs with the seven icons across its cans and big bottles available nationwide during this festive period. Definitely collectable items! It’s also a meaningful way to share a drink which bestows best wishes to family and friends.

Carlsberg CNY (2)

Tonight, at Ruyi & Lyn, their menu is infuse with Carlsberg. Starting off with Carlsberg “Yi Liu” Salmon Yee Sang.

Carlsberg CNY (6)


Carlsberg CNY (8)

Follow by Braised Fish Maw & crab Meat Broth.

Carlsberg CNY (9)

I called this one of the main signature as it is done to perfection – Steamed River Prawn with Carlsberg Infuse Egg

Carlsberg CNY (10)

In between the meals, we were pamper by this awesome band where they sure do give me the vibe of Hong Kong Band. Great voice and talent. 

Carlsberg CNY (11)

BBQ Sauce Chicken & Crispy Lotus Root

Carlsberg CNY (12)

Stuffed “Fatt Choy” with sea cucumber roll on Charcoal Bean curd. 

Carlsberg CNY (13)

Stir Fried Ostrich in Black Pepper sauce.

Carlsberg CNY (14)

Soon Hock Noodles.

Carlsberg CNY (3)

End with Lots and lots of refreshing Carlsberg.

Carlsberg CNY (15)

On that night, they do give away lucky draw by drawing out 2 category out from 

Fortune, Health, Bonus, Luck, Business and Friendship.

For the year of Monkey to start with is Fortune & Friendship. Good combination.

Carlsberg CNY (7)

And wishing everyone Gong Hei Fatt Choy in advance.


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