4Fingers Crispy Chicken @ Sunway Pyramid

4Fingers Crispy Chicken is a Singaporean chain of fast casual restaurants that specializes in crispy Korean style fried chicken. Headquartered in Singapore, the chain was founded in 2009 and currently has 13 stores in Singapore and Malaysia.

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First discover this brand when they first open at Mid Valley. As now they are expanding their wings, Sunway Pyramid is their latest outlet.

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This is on a fast food chain concept

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Tried some of their signature.

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Soy Garlic Chicken Wingette

Fried to perfection where the dressing sauce is decent.

4 Fingers (9)

Kimchi coleslaw

4 Fingers (10)

Skinny Fries (Kimchi) or Skinny Fries (Seaweed) 

The Kimchi fries is nice with hint of kimchi and mild spicy. Seaweed is nice too. Seaweed would be my preference.

4 Fingers (11)

4 Fingers (8)

4 Fingers (12)

This is fusion – where Chicken Katsu Sandwich quite interesting where they add in with kimchi coleslaw. Portion is quite big too as I manage to finish half of it where I find the deep-fried mantao bun is too oily for my liking.

4 Fingers (13)


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